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It doesn't look like it. Hydrogen peroxide is highly corrosive of a wide variety of materials, especialy when dried.

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Q: Can you pack hydrogen peroxide in your checked airline luggage?
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depends on the airline you are flying. Southwest is just about the only airline without checked bag fees.

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Yes but for security this should be in carry-on luggage and not checked.

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you can ask the airline and they might allow it, but it will replace all your Carry on luggage.BUTIt is to large and they may be required by the law to refuse it and it will have to go checked luggage Make sure you have a proper Carry case for it that will survive airline luggage abuse.

Can you take a bottle of tequila on an airplane?

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40 kg checked in luggage allowed : FRA - ADD - LUN

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This is not a question. Please rewrite because no one can answer this as it is written. Contact the airline.

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It can be transported in your CHECKED baggage after you declare it to your airline. It cannot be carrried aboard by you. Check with your airline.

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Yes, you can pack knives in your checked luggage.

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It's different for every airline. You can go to the airlines website, or call them, and they will give you the specific dimensions.

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every airline loses luggage

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No, you cannot take a cigarette lighter on an airplane at all. They are prohibited in checked luggage, in carry-on luggage, and on your person.

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A person who is traveling to an international destination will check in with the airline they are flying with. When at the counter of their airline, they will get their luggage checked, and taken, and they will submit their ticket and identification.

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The luggage allowance, both checked and carry-on, is at the discretion of the operating airline. There is no operating allowance.

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