Can you paint a socket socket?

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How do you Paint Glass Lamps that have already been Painted?

To paint glass lamps that have already been painted, you should first cover the light bulb socket and cord of the lamp with painters tape. You can then paint the glass lamp with Krylon Fusion paint. It is designed to adhere to glass and other slick hard to paint surfaces.

Is it safe to use an electrical socket that is clogged with paint?

I'd say that it's probably best to have the receptacle replaced. Contact an electrician to safely do this.

What is a DIL socket?

a dil socket is a dil socket

What is a socket connector?

A Socket Connector is where you are going to connect a socket

Hom many pins are there in a processor socket?

Depends on what socket you get. Each may be different. E.G: LGA 771 LGA 775 LGA 1366 Socket 478 Socket 939 Socket AM2 Socket AM2+ Socket AM3

Which slot or socket does the AMD Athlon use?

socket 7 or socket A

What is a FC-PGA socket?

It is a type of array to fit into an intel Socket 370 or Socket 478 CPU socket.

What is the latest socket for Intel desktop processors?

Socket 7LGA775 socket

How do you socket an item in fate?

to socket an item you have to click the socket and click on an item that have space for a socket. I did it a lot of times and it worked LOL

Why is the shoulder socket deeper than the hip socket?

It isn't. The hip socket is deeper than the shoulder socket. The shoulder socket is shallow to ensure a broad range of motion of the arm. The deep hip socket is for stability of the leg.

Describe the difference between a PGA socket and an SPGA socket?

A PGA socket has pins aligned in uniform rows around the socket. Where an SPGA socket has pins staggered over the socket to squeeze more pins into a small space.

Socket a CPUs are manufactured by?

Socket A is also known as Socket 462. This CPU socket is used for AMD processors, manufactured by Athlon Thunderbird.

What is another name for socket A?

Socket 462.

What is socket abstraction in java?

socket abstraction

What is the socket for an AMD Athlon 2400?

Socket A or Socket 462 (same thing, different names).

What is another name for socket 478?

Socket 478 was the only widespread name for this processor socket.

Can I use a metric socket on a standard socket wrench?

No, you cannot use a metrc socket on a standard socket wrench. These are two different systems of measurement and are not interchangeable.

When buying a motherboardthe CPU needs to be compatibleexplain?

Each motherboard possesses certain socket type, for instance, from Intel LGA 771, LGA 775, Socket 478, 604, Socket M and P, for AMD Socket 754, 939, 940, AM2, AM2+, Socket F and socket S1. Thus, when you are going to buy a motherboard you have to have or buy a CPU with the same type of socket. A CPU with one type of socket will not fit another type of socket!

Socket 775 has a lever and socket cover?


Does Socket 775 have a lever and socket cover?


Another name for the AMD Socket A?

Socket 462

How do you use socket in a sentence?

He gots socket in the face

What is the latest socket used by AMD?

Socket AM3

What is the function of socket outlet?

funtion of outlet socket

How to Replace lamp socket?

1. Unplug from voltage. 2. Remove lamp. 3 Remove socket from stand. 4. Replace old socket with new socket.