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Can you paint wall paneling?

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Yes, you can difinitely paint wall paneling. I would suggest a paint that is not flat so that if you want to clean it then it will be much easier. I had a brown paneling that was painted white some years back. You will have no problem.

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What do you fill the cracks of paneling in with before you paint it?

You will get better results if you aim your effort at removing the paneling and preparing the wall board or plaster behind it. Paneling, even if you fill the grooves, will have waves. If I were going to leave the paneling on because it was applied with adhesive that created excessive damage to the wall behind it, I would put 1/4" drywall panels over it and tape and spackle.

Where can i find more info on paint paneling?

A very good guide detailing how to paint wood paneling is available at: You can pick up some great tips and techniques there.

Can you paint wood paneling?

Yes, you can paint wood panelling. You can also stain it.

How do you paint over varnished paneling?

First you will need to apply a coat pf primer. Otherwise your paint will not adhere to the varnished paneling. Once the primer has dried you can apply nearly any paint to it you want.

what is wall paneling and where can you learn it?

Wall paneling is wall covering that usually has a wood-like appearance. It can easily be put up over a number of wall surfaces to give a new, attractive appearance for a reasonable price.

What is the best brand of wall paneling?

Depends on what sort of look you want and how much money you're willing to spend. Lowe's has a great section for wall paneling

How do you paint over wood paneling?

You first clean or degrease it then usually apply a primer, then paint it.

How do you remove latex paint from wood paneling?

Never scrape or sand it, as this can damage the paneling. Start by applying an indoor paint removing solvent as indicated on the package. Apply a moistened cloth to small areas where paint needs to be removed, and let it sit for a minute, then peel the cloth away.

What colors are the first class titanic wall colors?

Wood paneling and or white!!!

Can Kilz be removed from a wall or paneling?

Only by chemical removal , ie paintstripper.

When cutting wall paneling with a portable circular saw the best method you can use to eliminate chipping on the face of the paneling is to?

Use a fine tooth saw blade.

Wall Paneling Easy To Install?

Wall paneling is easy to install, even for novice do-it-yourselfers. Before installing the paneling, let it set in the room for at least a day to adjust to the humidity level. Paneling will absorb moisture from the air, so it's important to allow room for expansion. Leave small gaps along the top, bottom and sides of each sheet. If the wall shows through between the cracks, use a marker to fill in the space so it's not noticeable.

What will remove poision from wall paneling that is not wood paneling?

Depends entirely on the toxin. Asbestos, an integral part of older wallboard, can't be removed -- you need to have a trained crew strip out the board itself. Lead-based paint -- I *think* -- can be removed. If you accidentally spilled Ant Bait on your wall, you can wipe it off carefully yourself. No way to answer this better without knowing the toxin and ideally the substrate or walling material.

What can be used to cover up imperfect wall?

What material you use to cover an imperfect wall will depend on what material the wall is compose of: studs and Sheetrock, concrete, brick, etc. Possible materials that could be used include: paint, wallcovering, paneling or even drapes. Using a textured material will best mask imperfections.

How do you remove old English oil polish from panling to paint?

Unfortunately, because Old English is an oil based product with dark stain in it, you will not be able to remove it from the paneling. However, if you are wanting to paint the paneling, the best thing to do would be to apply a 'stain killer' to the paneling first, such as Kilz, available at your local hardware or paint store. This also works well to block any 'stain' that is on your walls before painting, such as lipstick, ink, pencil, etc. and prevent the stain from bleeding through the new paint.

How can we remove the 1970's wall paneling?

The best way to remove 1970's wall paneling is with a crowbar and some amount of water. You spray the wall you want to peel and when it becomes dry and damp your gently peel it off so it does not stick and leave unsightly markings due to aging glue.

Can I paint over wood paneling?

Yes but flat colors best and you will still see seams in design-if it has. It also absorbs paint but some buy just to paint over to get the effect

What is a sentence for paneling?

When he arrived, the joiner was paneling the hall with oak paneling.

Where can I find a store that sells wall paneling in Tampa Fl area?

All of the Home Depot and Lowes stores in that area carry paneling. The ACE Hardware on 56th Street might as well.

Can you use masonite paneling in the kitchen to cook near?

Put brick masonite paneling on the wall behind the stove and sink in a rental unit, gave it a coat or two of poly finish - no problems with it

What is the best way to paint brown wood paneling?

First apply a good, even coat of primer (kilz interior primer/sealer works well on paneling) Once the primer has dried completely you will be able to see clearly where any holes or cracks are in the paneling, as you will want to fill any such voids before you apply the paint. When the primer is dry and all the nail, tack and screw holes are filled you can then apply the paint. I like to use a short nap fleece roller cover for surfaces like paneling. The fleece (sheep skin) rollers are a little more expensive but they do not spatter paint everywhere like other roller covers and they last a lot longer.

Should you paint the wall or trim first?

that is up to you, i would paint the wall first

How do you get ink off a painted wall?

paint over it with the same color paint that you used to paint the rest of your bedroom wall

Can paint for crown molding be a latex satin wall and trim paint?

Yes or it can be the same as the wall paint if it should be flat.

How does paint stick to wall?

Paint initially sticks to the wall or other substrates (paintable surfaces) due to the ionic bonding that exists between the wall and the paint. As paint begins to dry, then the properties of the paint come into play and allow the paint to adhere to the surface.