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The patch will hold better if you remove the existing patch. If you patch over the existing patch, make sure all the edges are sealed off.

If you are tired of replacing your vinyl liners, you might want to check out fiberglass as an option. A new fiberglass surface can be applied to your pool, and you will get a much longer life out of it. You can read more at:

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Q: Can you patch over a patch on a vinyl liner or do you need to pull the old patch off?
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How can you fix vinyl liner tear in ground pool?

Vinyl liner patch kit are available at pool dealers and at stores like Walmart. They usually consist of some clear vinyl and some liquid glue. The best thing is to use vinyl that matches your pool liner. I always save scraps when new liner is installed. First trim the patch to cover the hole. A round or oval patch works best since there are no corners to peel off. Next clean the place to be patched. Then cover the back of the patch with glue. If the tear is under water fold the patch together with the glue on the inside. Next open the patch and place it over the tear and press the air out starting from the center working outward. If the tear is deep under water you may need to find a diver.

Adhesive to patch in ground vinyl liner in pool?

Most pool dealers should have vinyl patch kits that can be used underwater. One tip is to cut the patch round or oval in shape, no sharp corners as over time sharp corners will start to roll up and come unglued.

How do you patch pin holes in vinyl pool liner if pool is full?

Hi, Use underwater glue to stick a peice of vinyl over the hole, It works very well, available from any good Poolshop.

If you have a vinyl liner pool sides are fiberglass in concrete bottom is concrete mixture liner sets on how can you convert it to fiberglass?

The experts at Advanced Pool Coatings have been installing fiberglass coatings over vinyl liner pools for over 30 years. You can read more at:

Should there be some type of foam or underlay over the steel walls before installing the liner in a vinyl liner pool with steel wall construction?


How much does it cost to install a vinyl swimming pool versus fiberglass pool?

Well first of all there is no such thing as a fiberglass pool. You can have fiberglass walls instead of steel but your pool is still vinyl because you need a liner. These are the usual combinations of inground pools. Sand floor, steel walls, vinyl liner Sand floor, fiberglass walls, vinyl liner Vermiculite floor, steel walls, vinyl liner Vermiculite floor, fiberglass walls, vinyl liner Concrete floor, steel walls, vinyl liner Concrete floor, fiberglass walls, vinyl liner Concrete floor, concrete walls, no liner Concrete pools have to be painted with epoxy paint or if you want tile installed then usually you plaster over the concrete. Now a days 3 and 4 are the most common inground installs. 1 and 2 are usually pools that are 30 + years old although you can still have them done that way. In South Alabama the cost of a 20 *40 vinyl pool will cost around 18 to 22 thousand

Water behind vinyl liner inground pool?

If you have water behind your vinyl in ground pool liner, you should first lower the water in the pool to normal levels if it is over-filled. Make sure that the vacuum pipe is clear, unclog it if it is not. Once it is unblocked let the water from behind the liner flow out.

What should I use to patch a hole in my air mattress?

THere are patch kits designed just for holesin an air matress,they normally include a patch and sealant. In a pinch a strip of duct tape over the hole should do the trick. If the mattress is made with vinyl you need a vinyl patch and adhesive. You can buy cheap kits for patching either pools or bike inner tubes. Either will do. You have to submerse the mattress in water to locate the leak.

How to Repair Vinyl Fabric?

Vinyl fabric is a very durable kind of material. It is weather proof and can withstand some serious punishment. However, it is not completely immune to being damaged. At some point, you may need to repair your vinyl fabric. Use these easy to follow steps to learn how to make small repairs to damaged vinyl fabric. It can save you a lot of money. In the case of a piece of vinyl fabric becoming ripped or developing a hole, you can repair it using a patch. First, you need to acquire the material for the patch. You should find a patch that is as close to color of the vinyl that you are replacing as possible. If you don’t have any on hand, make a trip to a store that carries fabric to search for very similar vinyl fabric to use as a patch. Once you have the material for the patch, turn the vinyl fabric that needs to be repaired inside out. You can most likely apply the patch to the opposite side of the vinyl fabric. If you can not do this, you may have to settle for applying the patch to the top of the fabric. Next, take some scissors and cut out around the rip or hole to remove any frayed edges. Once you have done this, use a piece of paper to trace out the shape of the hole. Cut out the patch in this exact shape. Next, place the patch into place on the larger piece of fabric. Over the vinyl fabric and the patch, lay a long piece of cloth. Now lay all this down on an ironing board. You will now take your iron and turn it on a low setting with no steam. Run the iron up and down the cloth over the vinyl fabric and the patch. Apply a decent amount of pressure to the affected area while you do so. Do this for several minutes until the cloth becomes adhered to the vinyl fabric. After several minutes of ironing, let the vinyl fabric and cloth cool off. After they have cooled off, you can pull off the cloth. The patch should be adhered in place, and the vinyl fabric should appear to be in one piece again.

How to Do Your Own Vinyl Repair With Rips?

Have you found a rip or burn mark in a vinyl object that is just too noticeable to ignore? Instead of dreading the charges that would ensue after getting it professionally fixed, consider doing the vinyl repair yourself. It can be done quickly and easily, and you get to save on an expensive repair from a professional vinyl repair company. The first thing you’ll want to do is purchase a few things such as a vinyl patch, vinyl adhesive, and vinyl color so that the patch blends seamlessly in with your vinyl color. Instead of buying these things before closely examining the hole, make sure to study how big the rip or hole is to decide how big of a patch you will need. If the rip has an odd shape, use a knife or pair of scissors to even the shape out so your patch will fit into it easier. Your next step is to find a piece of vinyl that will satisfy the size of the hole and fit perfectly into it. It’s okay if you can’t get the exact size, but it really has to be similar. Once you’ve got the vinyl piece in the hole, you’ll need to cut the patch out to the same size and fit it directly over the vinyl piece and inside of the hole as well. You can make the vinyl patch smooth so that it evenly spreads out. Next, you’ll want to lift up the damaged vinyl part and keep it held up so that it’s above the surface. You’ll need to use your adhesive now to attach the patch to the original vinyl so that it securely stays in place. Once they have been attached together, it’s time to leave them there together for a very long period of time (a day or two). Just remember that if you keep the patch and original vinyl stuck together for a long time, the vinyl repair will be stronger and stronger. Be sure to keep the area out of heat or light to avoid disruption of the adhesive’s effectiveness.

How can you get rid of wrinkles in a vinyl liner?

Try using a plumbers friend (PLUNGER). Push it down over the wrinkle and pull up slowly.

How do you find holes in pool liners?

Use a needless syringe and fill with a dark food coloring, release over area of suspected leak. If there is a hole in liner, the food coloring will disappear through the leak, otherwise it will float away. In a deeper area you will need equipment to go under the water. Once the leak is detected, use underwater patch material found at pool supply company. Cut patch about two inches larger than hole in liner and center over hole, smooth patch flat.

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