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You have two option Contact the executor of the estate and offer to take whatever inheretance you have partially as the equity of the vehicle, then AFTER or as part of the transaction, pay off the loan. Better option: talk to the bank. Explain the situation and tell them that you would like to buy the vehicle and want to get clear title in your name. The bank will need to reposess the vehicle then they can sell it to you. * Before any action can be taken concerning any property belonging to the deceased, all assets and debts must be ruled on by the probate court as to whether or not they are subject to being included in the estate. Once that has been done, the interested party may proceed with whatever action necessary concerning the vehicle, assuming that the lender is agreeable.

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How does a mother of a deceased son obtain power of attorney?

All power of attorneys cease at the death of the individual. She would petition the court to be the executor of the estate of the deceased.

Can a son of a deceased US citizen obtain US residency?

Yes. If their mother or father became a US. citizen then legally if they're under 18 they are a citizen.

How do you obtain a vehicle title in your name if you found a car and the owner is deceased and there was no exeutive of estate because the only child did not know about the car which was out of state?

You have to find out who the executor of the estate is. They should be able to sell you the vehicle and sign the title over to you.

The owner of the car is deceased how do you obtain a title for the car?

Take the title to your local dmv and tell them the circumstances. You will need to prove that the vehicle was left to you in a will, or you will need to show that you are the executor of estate.

Can a frozen bank account be used for funeral expenses?

A court will need to lift the "freeze" order before funds can be removed from the attached account. If the account belonged to the deceased the probate court has jurisdiction, in which case funeral expenses will be paid from the estate of the deceased. If the account does not belong to the deceased it is unlikely that a request for release will be granted unless the requester can provide documentation that there is no other means to obtain burial funds.

How do i obtain an power of attorney for deceased relative?

You do not obtain a power of attorney. You need a letter of authority to act as executor.

Can a wife obtain a copy of her husbands medical bill?

Not if the husband is still living. If he is deceased, the executor can obtain the records.

Can you obtain criminal records of deceased people?

It varies from a country to country but generally, you may only acquire records concerning yourself, deceased individuals and/or, living individuals must give their permission to obtain their records.

How do you take ownership of a vehicle that was inherited from a deceased parent and is still being financed by GMAC?

The vehicle will need to be refinanced with the lender after probate procedures have been completed. The new owner will then need contact the DMV in their state to obtain information on how to have a new title issued in their name.

Do you have to tell the insurances company you are not the owner but your mam when insuring the car?

Well you cannot insure a vehicle that does not legally belong to you. You Mother would need to get the insurance in her name and list you as the driver of the vehicle. This is the only way to legally obtain insurance on this vehicle with the information you have provided.

Can you get a copy of a deceased loved ones will?

You can obtain the certified copy of the will from the registrar's office if it is registered by applying for the same along with the death certificate of the deceased person.

How do you obtain a copy of your deceased mother's will from her attorney?

You only need to call the office, let him/her know your mother has died and request an original copy of her will. At the same time you could inquire about having that attorney represent the estate.

How can one obtain a copy of a will from a person deceased in Pike Co AR in 1999?

You should contact the Pike County Probate Court to see if a probate was filed for the deceased. If a probate was filed then you can obtain a copy of the will. The contact information is at the link provided below.

How do you obtain power of attorney over a deceased loved one's estate?

You cannot obtain a power of attorney since the only person who could grant it is deceased. You need to visit the probate court to determine if you are eligible to petition to be appointed the estate representative.

How do you obtain letters testamentary in Washington?

To obtain a letter of Testamentary, you must petition the government. To obtain the letter, you must have a proper ID of the deceased person and the appropriate title to be able to receive that letter.

How can you remove a lien if plaintiff is deceased?

You must obtain a release from the plaintiff's estate.You must obtain a release from the plaintiff's estate.You must obtain a release from the plaintiff's estate.You must obtain a release from the plaintiff's estate.

How do you obtain death certificates for deceased relatives?

In Britain, from the local Registrar of births, marriages and deaths.

How can a person get the last will and testament of a deceased aunt?

You can visit the court where the Will was filed and obtain a copy.You can visit the court where the Will was filed and obtain a copy.You can visit the court where the Will was filed and obtain a copy.You can visit the court where the Will was filed and obtain a copy.

Can heirs obtain bank records of their deceased parent?

Only if one of the heirs was specifically named as a joint owner of the account(s). Otherwise, only the "Executor" of the deceased's estate could obtain them. However, if the deceased died without a will ('Intestate') the heirs could eventually obtain the banks records via an order of the Probate Court.

How do you obtain copies of the booklets that Mother Angelica wrote?

You can obtain copies from Eternal Word Television Network ( which was founded by Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation.

How to obtain death certificates for deceased relatives?

all you have to do is obtain the birth certificate for the deceased,then take it to the county bldg. where they passed, or go to the funeral home where they were they were layed out at.hopefully this will help you!!also if you get no results w/ the info. i gave you,then just call any funeral home and ask for there advice on whay to do!!

How do you obtain title with no vin?

Every vehicle has a VIN attached somewhere to it ... the engine block, in the top of the dashboard, in a door pillar. If the VIN has been removed from a vehicle, chances are that is stolen property and should be avoided like the plague. If you are trying to obtain the title without the vehicle and don't have the VIN this just doesn't make sense. What is meant here is that if a person bought a vehicle and wants to get a new title issued, then they most likely have the vehicle and can obtain it easily.

How does an adult child deposit a check made out to a deceased parent into a shared checking account?

In most countries you can not do this because it is not legal to cash a check made out to a deceased person. What needs to be done is that the executor of the deceased estate must obtain from a court a grant of probate for the deceased estate and, with is legal document, write to the supplier of the check and ask them to re-issue the check in the name of the deceased heirs.

How does a sibling of the deceased obtain power of attorney?

You cannot acquire a Power of Attorney for a person who has died. If there is property that must be transferred, and no will, you must petition the probate court to be appointed the Administrator of your deceased sibling's estate.

How do you obtain a copy of your brothers poa on mother to see if you have been excluded from medical information?

how do I obtain a copy of my brothers POA on my mother to see if I have been excluded from medical information.