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Yes, you can pay with a Visa gift card.

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Can you pay your phone bill at radio shack?

Yes it depends on what carrier you have. I have Virgin Mobile and i successfully paid my bill at radio shack.

Are virgin mobile phones prepaid?

Yes, Virgin mobile offers what they call "Pay As You Go" phones which allow you to purchase minutes so you don't have a monthly bill to worry about. They also offer phones with monthly plans. Use the Kickback code "yJHeopwD" while activating a new Virgin mobile phone and you'll receive 60 minutes of free talk time. Just top up/add at least $20.00 when you activate your new Virgin mobile phone and 60 minutes of free talk time will be added to your account.

How to pay my mobiles in orange color properly?

Payforit is an easy way to pay for goods and services using your mobile phone. It allows you to charge the amount directly to your mobile phone bill. You can pay your orange mobile phone bill online.

What services can be accessed on the Virgin Mobile CA website?

There are many services which can be accessed on the Virgin Mobile CA website. The various plans for pre paid as well as post paid subscribers, online bill, online bill payment etc.

Do you have to pay a bill for a mobile phone if you rarely use it?

That should be established in your phone contract.

Is it free to call a T-Mobile prepaid phone when you have T-Mobile?

Yes it is free to call a prepaid T-Mobile phone from a T-Mobile phone but instead of worrying about the bill just change the plan to a unlimited plan.

How do you find out if your husband has a secret mobile phone if you don't know the phone number?

if it is not a pre paid phone you could always check the mail to get the bill the number will be on the bill.

Why does this number show on your phone bill 42947?

The number 42947 that shows on your phone bill appears to be from a mobile alert service. Customers are usually charged for receiving these texts.

What should you do if you get a really high phone bill and you haven't done anything?

Thats jacked up i would file a complaint and not use there service anymore i recommend virgin mobile or sprints prepaid plan its cheaper and has good signal

How can I use directory assistance on my mobile phone?

Most mobile phone companies automatically list the number for directory assistance on the phone in your contacts list. However, if you do use this service from your cell phone company there will most likely be an extra charge for the service on your phone bill.

When you make a private call from your cell phone would your number show up on their phone bill?

Not on a landline phone-bill, but it might show on a mobile phone's bill if the caller is 'roaming' the person dialled has to pay a charge for receiving roaming calls.

What is number of mobile phone of Bill Kaulitz or Tom Kaulitz?

Their phone numbers are not known to public and WikiAnswers does not provide private information.

What kind of phone does bill kaulitz have?

He has a T-Mobile Sidekick 2 that costs around $ 150

Can virgin mobile phone receive collect calls from an inmate?

Yes u can. I received one from a friend who was being held at local police station here in L.A.CA area. Not sure of the cost.......yet ....but, i will post when i receive the bill that they will send me

How do you get in touch with UPM?

A phone number that appeared on a VISA bill for UPM Collectibles is 818-503-4324. Hope this helps!

What are some health prombles with having a mobile phone?

Cramp and skeletal/tendon problems from texting; stress over how to pay the phone bill.

What are the benefits of orange phone?

You would be on a prepaid plan, so you don't have no monthly bill, you can just pay when you want to use it. You can also upgrade your mobile phone even though you're not on a mobile plan.

What happens at the End of mobile phone contract obligation?

The service providers will continue to bill you. If you got a phone tied with the contract they will contact you and offer to upgrade the phone to a newer model.

How do I make a Visa payment by phone?

Generally, on the back of your card, is a customer service phone number for the company issuing the card (Visa is a network on which cards are issued). By calling that number, the automated response system should give you options that include paying your bill.

Can you see pictures on a T mobile phone bill?

No you can't see your pictures , but if you have an itemised bill it will state that you have sent a picture message but not it's contents .

What is the average bill for a Blackberry?

T-Mobile is $20 for the data plan for the BlackBerry + the other options and phone plan.

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