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Yes you can, so be careful when your having sex, you may end up running to the bathroom!

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what is pee plyse pee?

a boul movement

How does a butterfly get its food?

pee pee they use its intents to suck pee pee

Is there more toxins in your pee when you first pee?

yes there is toxins in your pee when you first pee.

How do zebras pee?

they pee through there pee whole!

Why was a tee pee called a tee pee?

it was called pee cause they like the word pee

Do buzzards pee?

Of course they pee. They pee when they poop. LOL

How do you kill a pee?

poke it 1000000000000000 times

Does tails have a pee-pee?

dont be a hell of a pingas

Do vampires pee?

No, they don't pee because nothing that is mythical can pee. They do not exist so therefore they can not pee.

Do women pee?

Yes Women Pee, They Can Pee Standing Up But Most Pee Sitting Down.

Do owls pee?

No. they do not pee.

Where do platypuses pee?

Where they are when they have to pee.

How long is my Pee-pee?

atleast longer then an atom

How many pounds of pee do you pee in a lifetime?

As much as you pee in a lifetime

Is there an animal that can not pee?

no ther is not an animal who can pee,all animals can pee.

Where do people go pee in Japan?

The go pee where they go pee

Does sharky go pee-pee on dog?

do you love me or should i go pee-pee on you, Joerty Hertyolpe

Why are you doing the pee pee dance and you have to go pee?

i guess it helps take your mind away from the urge to pee or something.

What is the word origin for the word rebellious?


Do squirrels pee-pee?

Yes, everyone pees, including animals.

How do owls pee?

Birds do not pee as such the white stuff in their poo is the pee (urea)

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