Can you play Pokemon GO on an iPod touch 6?

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As long as your OS is up to date, or within a version or two, you can probably play Pokemon GO on your iPod Touch 6.
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Can you play games on the iPod Touch?

The iPod touch is capable of playing some web-based games. In February 2008, Apple is releasing the SDK (software development kit) for the iPhone and iPod touch, and presumably there will be some third party games (and other applications) developed for the iPhone / iPod touch platform afterwards. ( Full Answer )

Does the iPod Touch play movies?

You can buy movies from the iTunes store on the device or on your Mac or PC and sync them to iPod touch. Movies work just like they do on the iPhone. The iPod's video app plays iTunes U, videos, video podcasts, and videos you sync.

How do you go to the radio in the iPod touch?

The iPod Touch does NOT have a built-in radio. But, by jailbreaking you can access online radio stations by installing third-party apps.. The iPod Touch does NOT have a built-in radio. But, by jailbreaking you can access online radio stations by installing third-party apps.

Can you go online with the iPod Touch?

Yes I am typing this from my iPod touch actually yes she/he is just trying to be a show off but it depends you have to be in a wi-fi connetion or place or else it wont work now that's an improvement

How do you go online with the iPod touch?

step 1: tap settings step 2: tap wi-fi (first bar at the top) step 3: tap a wi-fi network (iPod Touch automatically searches for wi-fi) step 4: enter a password if it needs one step 5: enjoy your internet

How do you go back on an iPod touch?

You hit the home button, which would be right under the touch screen, it has a white rectangle inside of a round button. When you press it, you will go back to the home menu.

Can the iPod touch play movies?

Yes it can but only certain software types (MPEG4 and MPEG3) there are a number of software on the internet that can help change the software to ipod touch

Can you get pay as you go iPod touch?

iPod touches don't have cellular data access, so they are neither pay as you go or on a contract. They use WiFi, which you have to get separately.

Is there Pokemon games on the iPod touch?

There aren't any on the app store, but there are plenty on google if you search around. The app store only has cheats and pokedexes.

How do you trade Pokemon on the iPod Touch?

its actually a lot easier then it seems but multiple parts to it 1 download vba(virtual boy advance) IT MUST BE A WIFI VERSION (ithink it says LAN) ifunbox(gets ROM off iPod) 3. plug in iPod go into ifunbox open roms in iPod copy the gba filefor ur Pokemon game 4. make a folder for the ga ( Full Answer )

Can you play music on ipod touches?

the iPod touch is a portable media player, personal digital assistant, handheld game console, and Wi-Fi mobile device designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The iPod Touch adds the multi-touch graphical user interface to the iPod line. It is the first iPod with wireless access to the iTunes Store, ( Full Answer )

How do you get Pokemon on an iPod Touch?

Thanks for Taking An Intrest In Pokemon For The iPod I Am Currently Developing An Application Which Will Be Approved By Apple INC As It Does Not Break Any Of There Terms Of Service Which Will Bring Every Pokemon Game To The iPod Touch 2G + & iPhone 3 + Also You Will Notice You Will See A Change In P ( Full Answer )

Can the iPod Touch play MP3?

Definitely. Most music downloaded from the iTunes store or imported from a CD is coverted to 256K AIFF. If you import MP3 or WAV files from your computer, they will be synced to your iPod as those types as files.

Can you go on the internet with an iPod touch?

Yes, the Safari web browser is provided on the device. You can also download the Opera Mini web browser for free from the App Store as a browser alternative.

Do iPod touchs play games?

Yes you can download apps to them from itunes on your computer (then transfer them) or straight to the ipod touch using a wifi connection.

Is there going to be a 4gn for iPod touch?

Possibly. Apple is still thinking about upgrading the iPod Touch, but a 4th generation iPod Touch might or might not come out. You just have to wait and see. Updated Answer: Apple has just came out with a 4th gen ipod Touch. To see it's features go on

How can the ipod touch play out loud?

To play something out loud (like a song), you must have the iPod Touch 2nd generation or later. The 1st generation does not built-in speakers. Just take out the earphones and turn up the volume and play the sound.

How do you play RuneScape on iPod Touch?

you cant play runescape on your ipod touch. in order to play runescape you have to have java. ipods do not have the software to download it or undate it. You can play Runescape on your iPod touch. it doesn't support java unless it is jailbroken. Jail breaking your iPod is legal, yet Apple still h ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon games are on the iPod Touch?

The only Pokemon game that is by the Pokemon company is CampPokémon. It is available for: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and theminimal version required is 6.0.

Psp go or iPod Touch?

I would choose iPod Touch if I were you because you can do some much more than just play games! You can::: Listen to an iPod Play games Go on the internet FREE Download over 100 apps FREE Check your Email FREE ... and so much more! Now they have a 4th generation and.... If your w ( Full Answer )

Can you play Habbo on iPod Touch?

you cannot play habbo on an ipod touch because habbo runs on flash. If you jailbreak your ipod touch it might be possible to install flash and play habbo!

Can an iPod touch play wma?

The iPod Touch does not support proprietary formats such as WMA. Such files will need to be converted to standard MP3s to use on an iPod.

Does your iPods music go to the iPod touch?

It depends on where you get your music and if you have it synced to your itunes. If it's synced to itunes then it will hopefully sync up to your ipod. If you got yours from somewhere like limewire or frostwire then they might not sync it.

How do you play ihobo on the ipod touch?

you download it first then it comes up with him on screen just click on the sandwich first (the middle icon on the top row) then wait then close him down until he needs you, he will tell you through notifications or alerts if he needs you :) hope i helped x

Can you play Habbo in your ipod touch?

no but u can play a game made by the same people. Its called bobba bar. Its basically a chat thing, where u can go into these pre-made rooms and hang out with other people. U cant make your own room yet, but u can customize your avatar a little.

How do you play clubpenguin on the iPod touch?

does go on your ipod touch internet then go on google and then write club penguin and the last thing sign up and play you don't need controler cus ipod touch is touchscreen

Where do movies go on your iPod touch?

After you download them off the apple store onto your iPod, there should be an app named "videos" that's where movies and tv shoes go.

How do you go into the internet with the ipod touch?

if on a wifi hot spot or have a router at home, on your ipod go to settings/wi-fi and select any available connection and you should be ready to go, if a lock appear that mean that the network is password protected and wont be able to connect unless you have the pass.

Is there going to be ipod touch 5g?

yes before steve jobs die i think he told everyone what to mske in the future and ipod5 will be release one day!!

Can you go on Gmail on an iPod touch?

Yes, you are able to access Gmail (and most any other email) from your iPod. If you don't want to get the gmail app, just click on the mail icon on the bottom of the screen. Then you just enter in your email and password, and you can receive and send emails from your iPod Touch.