Can you play Saturn games on your Dreamcast?

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Can you play Sega CD games on the Sega Dreamcast?

The Dreamcast is not backwards compatible with earlier Sega game consoles, so it is not possible to play Sega CD games on a Dreamcast system. However, the Dreamcast's built in music CD player can probably play any audio CD tracks contained in a Sega CD game. Note that not all Sega CD games utilized ( Full Answer )

How do you fix a Dreamcast?

Since it's one of the original gaming systems, I would take it to avideo game store and see if they can repair it! A common problem with the Dreamcast is that it will keep resetting.

How do you get your Dreamcast to play foreign games?

Foreign dreamcast games . If you go to and download the boot disk, in the files section, you can play imported games AND backups on a NON CHIPPED Dreamcast :D. Enjoy:)

I am considering purchasing a Sega Dreamcast system and was curious if you need a memory card of any type to save games?

Yes, the Dreamcast has no way of saving games internaly and saving games requires the used of a memory card or VMU. There are two main options for Dreamcast memory. The cheapest option is to buy a third party memory card, these save data and have no other function. The official memory cards, k ( Full Answer )

What games are supported on the Dreamcast GameShark cdx?

From my gameshark cdx game list: . 4 wheel thunder . Air force delta . Armada . Blue stinger . Carrier . Crazy taxi . Dead or alive 2 . ECW hardcore revolution . Evolution - TW of sac-device . Expendable . Fighting force 2 . Flag to flag . Grand theft auto 2 . Gundam side story 0079 ( Full Answer )

What are the best games for sega Dreamcast?

Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Marvel vs Capcom, Soul Calibur, Jet Set (Grind) Radio, Virtua Tennis 1 and 2, Shenmue 1 and 2, Crazy Taxi 1 and 2, Power Stone 1 and 2, Dead or Alive 2, Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, NFL 2K series (if you're American), NBA 2K series, Sega ( Full Answer )

Can You play Sega Saturn games on PC?

Yes you can play Sega Saturn games on your PC. Check out this blog I wrote on the subject, this will show you exactly how to get you favourite classics working on your PC. I hope this helps you. invisiblejohn

How do you play sega Saturn games?

Hey I you want to play Sega Saturn games on your PC there are a few programs out there that make this possible, I have recently wrote a blog post on this subject, creating a tutorial to help people relive there classic Saturn games. ( Full Answer )

Disc that plays on sega Saturn?

From the Sega Saturn manual: "You can use an array of software on your Sega Saturn: . Sega Saturn Game CDs . CD+G (audio with graphics) discs . 8-centimeter audio CD singles . Music CDs or audio CDs . CD+EG (audio with extended graphics) discs"

Can you play sega CD on Saturn?

No. Sega CD game disks can only be played on a Sega Mega Drive with a Sega CD unit attached.

When was the dreamcast made?

Produced between 1996 to 1998.. Then released in their respective territories below.. Europe: November 14th, 1999. Japan: November 27, 1998 US: September 9th, 1999

Can a Dreamcast play Saturn games?

No, it can't natively, although you can use an Saturn emulator to play it on your Dreamcast. The issue is that the game play is immensely bad. It is probably due to their different architectures.

How do you play Dreamcast games on a laptop?

First off everyone who is reading this.. YOUR WELCOME! :) Well first go to "". Then you go to the emulators link/download the Chankast emulator. After you have done that... go to the roms section for the dreamcast games only and then you download all your roms for dreamcast. Next... make ( Full Answer )

Can you play Sega dreamcast game on a Sega genesis?

The Genesis is a toploading cartridge console. There's no way you could even get the disc inside the game, let alone play it. And no, the Sega CD won't run the disk either. That's like trying to run a Wii game on a Nintendo 64. Companies don't predict what their next two systems will be like and the ( Full Answer )

Will there be a Dreamcast 2?

There are lot of rumors for 2012 or 2013 release date. I'm sure if there's a community of people desiring it, then Sega will resurrect the Dreamcast. If Sega releases Shenmue 3, on the Xbox 360/PS3 or XBLA/PSN, I believe there will not be a Dreamcast 2 anytime soon. I made a short video of my ( Full Answer )

Why did they cancel the Dreamcast?

Because the Sega Saturn was defeated by PS1 and N64, and once PS2 came out it defeated the Dreamcast. Sega realized it was time to abandon the console market, so they cancelled the Dreamcast and started making games for other systems.

How do you get your Dreamcast to play sega Saturn games?

No, it can't natively, although you can use an Saturn emulator to play it on your Dreamcast. The issue is that the game play is immensely bad. It is probably due to their different architectures.

How many sega Saturn games there are?

There are a total of 1,933, though games released in more than one region will appear more than once in that figure. A more accurate figure would be 1,263 as that is the number of different games released in Japan alone.

Will dreamcast games play on Wii?

no it cant the reason is wii is stronger and sega dreamcast is from sega and wii is for nintendo. gamecube games could be played on wii but never dreamcast.

What dreamcast emulator will play dreamcast roms?

There are no dreamcast emulators that will run dreamcast ROMs. The dreamcast is cd-based, so you can either download an emulator like Chankast, and use actual dreamcast CDs (you can get them for a couple of dollars/pounds) or download dreamcast ISOs

Why did the dreamcast fail?

It lacked a DVD player and sega didn't have enough money to compete with sony's advertising

Will there be a Dreamcast 2.0?

No, there never will be. Sega is a 3rd party developer and it will stay that way. They have no intention of making another console. If they did, you'd have to kiss every post-2001 SEGA game goodbye. It's a horrible decision either way, they'd be losing publishing rights to Nintendo, Sony, Microso ( Full Answer )

Can you play shenmue II on an American Dreamcast?

No, you cannot directly load a PAL (European) Shenmue II game on an American Dreamcast. A boot disc is required to override the region lock on the Sega Dreamcast. Such a program, including Dream Catcher, can allow you to play Shenmue II on an American (NTSC) Dreamcast. You can do a quick Google sear ( Full Answer )

Can a Sega Dreamcast play a mini-DVD?

no it was in no way able to play dvds which is part of the reason its competition tookover it started out against ps1 n64 so dvds didn't really matter then the ps2 came out and was the cheapest dvd player around and it played games

Should buy a Sega Saturn or a Sega Dreamcast?

Dreamcast is probably way better in almost every aspect; however, the Saturn is more expensive than the Dreamcast on eBay and Amazon. It is probably due to some games exclusive to the Saturn and some gamers don't want to use an emulator.

Why is a used Sega Saturn more expensive than a used Sega Dreamcast?

The Saturn sold less than the Dreamcast and thus is harder to find.Also, the Saturn has more games that were pointed to specificmarkets, specifically arcade-perfect shoot'em ups and 2D-fightinggames, that fans of these genres really like and are willing to paymore for and less willing to sell.