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Q: Can you play animal crosing now?
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Animal crosing what do you do with the turban?

give it 2 sararah

Can you visit your DS animal crossing in animal crosing city folk?

yes yes u can

How do you make action replay codes for Animal crosing wild world?

don't think you can

How do you get a veil on animal crosing city folk the date?

i think you get it in march in gracie grace

Can you have two fies for Animal Crosing City Folk?

yes you can have up to four files.

How do you get a scorpion on animal crosing wild world?

Catch it like any other bug-before it catches you

What kinds of fruit can you get in Animal Crosing City Folk?

You can get apples, oranges, pears, peaches, cherries, and coconuts.

Are four leaf clovers worth anything on animal crosing ds?

You can wear them on your head or sell them for 80 bells.

Is animal crosing lets go to the city for girls?

it is cuz there is a girl playing it on the telly but its not just for girls though

What is the animal crosing wild world online website?

The official website for animal crossing wild world is:

Can you add people on animal crosing let's go to the city go to the city?

Yes, you can people on Animal Crossing City Folk (A.K.A Let's go to the City!)

Can you gte a fountain in animal crosing wild world?

No, sorry, you can only get a fountain in city folk for the wii. Hope I helped you out!

When does KK appears in let's go to the city animal crosing?

He is in the museum downstairs at 8:00 on Saturdays!!! Thank you!By Mokkas

How do you get the 2nd snow ball to make a snowman in animal crosing?

You find another snow ball and roll it over to the other snowball

How do you get the leprocon hat in animal crosing city folk?

you have to hack... personally i think hacking is cheating.then again, you can get some awesome stuff...

Where do you find resiti animal crosing Wii?

in the city on a random day the bus will knock down the cones at the edge and you find him in that cavey place

Can you play Animal Crossing right now?


When dus kk slider cum on animal crosing lets go to the city?

KK Slider is this guy who plays music and you can purchase it for free. He comes on Saturday nights only from 8pm until 12pm.Once he plays some music, he gives it to you for free. You can add this to your stereo by clicking on the + button on your stereo. You can press play and it will play for you!

How many people play animal jam now?

its 100,00000 peopleWOW!

When is autumn in Animal Crossing wild world?

In Animal Crossing Autumn is in September-November. I remember it as- The Australian Summer = Animal crosing winter The Australian Autmn= Animal crossing spring The Australian winter= Animal crossing summer The Australian spring= Animal crossing "fall" (autmn)

Can you play animal crossing wild world on the dsi?

Yes, I am right now

In animal crosing wild world if your characters skin color changes how can you change the character's skin color back to white?

Just stay out of the sun for a few days and your tan will go away.

What is the hardest bug or fish to get in animal crosing city folk?

I think its the shark(havent made it threw the whole thing with fishes and bugs)because we mosly get eather sunfish or hammer heads.

How do you make a player in animal crossing?

If this is aniumal crosing city folk then when you go on to the game you have to talk to rover and he should explain it to you. If it is on the ds then you have to tap New game and then make kit from there. Hope I helped!

How do you play animal jam on a tablet that does not support adobe flash?

you can't and now after the new update you cannot get to the PC AJ site. it will now show you apps for aj it will not let u play.