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Can you play battlefront on an Intel mac 10.4.9?

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Yes! (in emulation by rosetta)

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How do you play Dragon Ball Online on a Mac?

If you have an Intel based mac install Windows in boot camp and then you can install DBO and play it on your mac

How do you get battlefront 2 on a Mac?

You buy it for mac. You can get it at a mac store.

Can you play a Intel based mac game on your power PC based mac?

Yes and No. Unless it specifically states what OS/processor it will be able to play on it probably won't work.

How do you get to hunt mode on Star Wars battlefront 1 mac?

you can't hunt mode is only for battlefront 2

How do you play Starcraft on a Mac?

If the Mac is intel, install Windows with Bootcamp or use Crossover Games or Parrallels or VMWare. If you have a powerpc mac, then use Virtual PC or Q, but it will be slow.

Can you play last chaos on a mac computer?

Last Chaos requires the Windows Vista or XP operating systems to run. It will not work with Mac OS X. If you have a modern Mac with an Intel processor you can install Windows on the Mac and then play Last Chaos.

What will i have to install on my Mac OS X to play windows movie make?

Nothing. If you have an Intel Mac, you can use Boot Camp to dual-boot Windows. There is nothing you can do to run it on a PowerPC Mac.

When you play Star Wars Battlefront 2 on your mac the ground has huge shadows that look like outer space how do you fix this?

ep 1999

Can you install mac os in Intel DG945?

no, you can covert info from a mac to a pc, but not a pc to a mac

Can you install mac os x on Intel processor?

Providing the Intel processor is in an Apple Mac computer, and the rest of the computer parts are present too, then Mac OS X can be installed.

Does Intel core i7 support mac?

Yes it does...check the mac website.

Why no garage band for non Intel based macs?

Garageband will work with a Mac with a suitably powerful G4 or G5 processor (ideally with a large chunk of memory to play with). The latest version requires Mac OS X 10.5.6 but only needs an Intel processor to use the Learn to Play lessons feature.

If a computer game says windows can you play it on a mac?

If a game is written to use the Windows operating system then it will require the Windows operating system to play. The Mac's operating system (Mac OS X) is not Windows and so Windows games will not work with it. If it is a recent Mac with an Intel processor then you can install the Windows operating system on to the Mac and then you can play Windows games on a Mac.

Is Star Wars battlefront 2 for the mac?

According to Wikipedia, the platforms for Star Wars Battlefront 2 are: ps2, psp, PC, and Xbox. So, no.

All types of Intel processor?

There are a couple of different types of Intel processors, but I only know so much about this subject. But I do know that mac computers have Intel Core Duo processors and some HP computers have Intel premium 4 and Gateway has Intel Centrino Duo. If you want to buy the best Intel processor then buy a Mac since they come with the best Intel.

How do you get Star Wars battlefront on mac for free or a demo?

I dont know anyone else?

Can you play Sherlock Holmes The Mystery of the Mummy on an iMac?

Only if you have a Mac version of this game or you have the Windows version and you have Windows installed on your Intel iMac.

Does mac use Intel?

Yes, Apple's Intel transition was the process of changing the CPU of Macintosh computers from PowerPC processors to Intel x86 processors.

How do you emulate PowerPC on an Intel Mac?

PowerPC Mac OS X apps are emulated transparently on Intel Macs. For "Classic" programs, you'll have to use an emulator like SheepShaver.

Can you use a Intel app on PowerPC Mac?

Yes and no. You can run Windows software on a PowerPC Mac using software such as VirtualPC for Mac or Q. A powerful Mac is required to do this as emulating a completely different CPU with a completely different architecture is VERY CPU taxing. However, running an Intel app on a PowerPC Mac is impossible. The code inside of the program is written for the Intel chipset and not PowerPC. If you find a "Universal" porgam, that means that there are two sets of code in that program, PPC and Intel.

Can we install mac OS X Lion on all mac computer?

It will install on most Mac computers with an intel processor doesn't matter what model of intel. It just requires a Mac built pretty much after 2006. Will not work on a power series such as a g3-5

On my old PowerPc Mac I've got a Photoshop Elements 6 but last week I got a new Mac an Intel and I want to move my PSE to the new Intel computer but will it work?

NO you need Mac version of Photoshop Elements.

What processor does a mac have?

Currently Mac's use Intel processors.

Will Mac osx work with my Intel graphics card?

On a hackintosh?

What company makes the CPU used in MAC computers?