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If the laptop has a video card, or it's integrated graphics is strong enough, you can play the game.

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Can you play counter strike on a laptop?

it depends what type of computer you want to play on. And i Play on a Laptop.

Do you have to pay monthly fee to play counter strike source?

No, Counter-Strike: Source is a one-time fee.

Do you need counter strike to play counter strike source?

No you don't, as CSS is not an expansion to CS.

How do you get steam in order to play counter strike?

Download steam from steampowered.com and search for counter-strike source

Can you play counter strike source on Linux?

Yes. You can play Counter-Strike Source on most Linux operating systems while running Steam under Wine.

Will Trouble in Terrorist Town work if you do not have Counter Strike Source?

You need to have counter strike source installed to play trouble in terrorist town.

How can i replace all cs 1.6 guns for css guns?

Download Counter Strike Source. Play Counter Strike Source. Delete Counter Strike 1.6 It's 2012 for christ sakes.

Can you play Counter-Strike Source on windows 7?

I use windows 7 and I play source fine.

Is there a counter strike 2.0?

There is no Counter Strike 2.0, but i think Valves new game Counter Strike Source would count. New graphics, maps and stuff like that. It's run on the source engine. What you do is download a program called steam, find the steam store, find counter strike: source there, buy it and it will download. Then you can play :D

Why you cant play counter strike in your new laptop?

Because maybe you have to download it since your laptop is new you might have to, but I'm not sure.

Tips for Scouting on Counter-Strike Source?

Play on the map scoutzknifez and you'll get better.

How do you play counter strike source without steam?

When downloading CS don't download Steam.

Password for play counter strike 1.8?

password counter strike 1.8

How do you play music through Counter Strike Source?

Get a phone, mp3 or ipod hold (Default: K) and play your music.

How do you play bots on counter strike 1.6?

by our tallent we can play the bots in counter strike (abdul hanan)yes

How do you install Counter Strike Source on Windows Vista?

It is not advised you use vista to play counter strike. But if you do want to play it, you will need to reinstall it. Download Steam, download the Counter strike gamecontent (provided you bought the game b4 this) and once it has finished downloading you have to install it. All done from the steam client.

Want to play counter strike online?

Counter-Strike is already an online game!

Where does my computer saves all the files when i play counterstrike online?

By default: C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<username>\counter-strike\cstrike\ For Source: replace "counter-strike" with "counter-strike source" Note: You may have Steam installed in another directory, but the inside of the Steam directory is generally the same.

Do you have to pay to play counter-strike source?

No you can download it type in google Couter Strike Source free dowload or search it in Torrent sites like www.thepiratebay.org :) Sa6ko_p14a :P

How many people play counter strike?

Plenty of people play Counter Strike. After all, its a great and entertaining classic.

Can you play other than online on Counter Strike Source?

Yes. You can start a local game and run bots on it.

Can you play counter strike source on a nvidia geforce 6150?

Give me more detail about your graphics card and processer

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