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Can you play digital 8mm tape on analog camcorder that records on 8mm or Hi8?


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The question here reads, can you play a Digital 8mm tape on an analog camcorder. The answer to this is NO. An analogue Video8 or Hi8 camcorder will display nothing useful if playing a tape recorded with the Digital8 standard.

Only a Digital8 camcorder can play a Digital8 recording. In many cases (but certainly not all) such a Digital8 camcorder will also play analogue Video8 and Hi8 tapes.

Be aware that sometimes a person will have used a tape branded as Digital8 to make recordings with a Video8 or Hi8 camcorder, and in this case the recordings ARE analogue.

Another option is to convert your 8mm tapes to digital or DVDs. There are a lot of 8mm video transfer services out there that can do this for cheap. StashSpace.Com is a good one, costs $6.95 per tape and they let you watch and edit online for free. Outside USA, try a Google search for "digital8 to DVD transfers UK" or similar.

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You can do this yourself if you have the right equipment or you can send it to a tape to DVD conversion service. I recommend using a tape to DVD conversion service. You will get the best quality and it will be the least hassle. - In principle it's easy, provided that you have (a) an "old" camcorder which can play your Video 8 / Hi 8 tapes/ VHS tapes, and also (b) a digital camcorder which can accept as input the analogue output from the "old" camcorder and produce digital output ("DV Out"). If you do have such equipment, the digital camcorder might either create a digital version of the footage (e.g. a mini DV tape) or it might be able to "pass through" so you can store the digital version straight to a PC or a DVD recorder. If you put it onto a PC, you can then (optionally) edit it it and then burn a DVD. I have done this myself using a Canon MV750i camcorder as the "pass through", but unfortunately the camcorder has just broken so I'm looking for another model which has this facility (it's probably cheaper to replace than repair). Does anyone know of a reasonably priced mini DV camcorder which offers this? If you don't have the digital camcorder described above, you'll need to find a device which does the conversion or alternatively install a video capture card in your PC. Whatever else, you'll obviously have to have something that plays the old tapes (the "old camcorder" referred to above). Plus you need a powerfull enough computer to handle the real time capture of the video.

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Yes you can. the cheapest way to do so is to hook your 8mm camera to a dvd player that can record onto dvd, or a computer with and analog input. the tedious part is that from 8mm, you kinda just have to push play and wait while it records to whatever other media you desire. there are services for this if you want to take the time to find them, cost varies by media and volume (of course) and the quality will not be digital quality, but it's a whole lot better than letting your tapes turn to mayonnaise. I know there are machines that can record faster than regular play speed and maintain integrity, but because of the age of the 8mm they tend to be more expensive.

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press the button in the middle of the controller named analog

An HD camcorder can be made to be compatible with a non HD tv. Using video editing software, you can downgrade the HD video from an HD camcorder to standard definition which will play on a non-HD TV. Some camcorders will also have RCA outputs which will play on a non HD tv. If the camcorder only has HDMI outputs, then it can not be directly connected to you non-HD TV. There are also some camcorders which can record in both HD and Standard Definition.

If you are sure there is no other connection (they are often concealed under a flap) then the audio and video out are probably providing an analogue signal for play back on a TV. You will need a video capture digitiser (See links below for example but there are many available) that converts the signals into a digital form and passes these to the computer.

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