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No, but you can on Xbox 360 pro, or elite.

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Q: Can you play halo and Halo 2 on the Xbox 360 arcade?
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Can xbox 360 arcade play Halo 3?

Yes it can. I personally have an Xbox 360 arcade and halo 3. There are som things on Xbox Live that you cannot do, because it doesnt come with a harddrive, but you can play the game.

Can you play Halo 2 on the x-box 360 arcade without the hard drive?

As far as I know, you can't play Halo 2 on a Xbox 360 Arcade. The Xbox 360 Arcade can NOT play regular Xbox games. To play Halo 2 on your 360, you'll either need to: A): Get a Xbox 360 Pro or Elite Hard Drive somehow, or B): Buy a new Xbox 360 Pro or Xbox 360 Elite

How can you play halo and Halo 2 on Xbox 360?

Yes, you can play halo and halo 2 on the Xbox 360, but the graphics quality will not be changed

Is it possible to play Halo 3 on Xbox?

No, you can't do that. You can play Halo and Halo 2 on Xbox but that's it. No more Halo for Xbox. Halo 3 has better graphics and all that. Xbox can't support such processing and graphics.

Can you play Halo 2 on a Xbox 360?

Yes, you can also play the 1st Halo on the Xbox 360

Can you play Halo 3 in the xbox 4GB slim?

You can play halo 3 on any xbox 360.

Can you still play Xbox original games on Xbox 360 arcade like halo?

No you need the hard drive and xbox live to play xbox 1 games

Will there definitly be a halo game for the wii?

No, halo is exclusive to the xbox 360. The xbox will be the only console to ever play halo on.

What systems can you play halo one two and three on?

Halo 1: Xbox, Xbox 360, & PC Halo 2: Xbox 360, & Windows Vista Halo 3: Xbox 360

Can halo and Halo 2 play on xbox 360 elite?


Can you play halo online on ps3?

halo is only on xbox 360

Do you need xbox live to play Halo 3?

You do not need Xbox Live in order to play Halo 3.

Do you have to have the latest Xbox 360 to play halo reach?

No. You can play Halo Reach on the old Xbox 360 consols.

Does the Xbox360 have Halo 2?

No, it is only on the old xbox, but you can play some of the old xbox games on xbox 360 and Halo: combat evolved (halo 1) and halo 2 are two of them.

Can you play Halo on a Nintendo DSi XL?

No. halo Is exclusive on the Xbox. So if your gonna play halo, then buy a 360

Is Halo 2 for Xbox 360?

No, its not specificly for the xbox360 but, if you have Halo 2 for XBOX then you can still play it on a xbox 360.

Can halo 1 be played on xbox 360?

yes it can you can also play halo 2,3,and halo reach

Can you play halo reach on a wii?

no, halo reach is only for xbox as xbox supports the company that runs it. Halo games that are only on xbox are: halo 3 halo reach halo combat evolved annervirsary and, when it comes out, halo 4 wii is not accociated with xbox in any way. Other halo games like halo combat evolved(origional), halo wars and halo 2 are also available on the pc

Can you play halo on the Xbox 360?

The Halo series was originally released solely for the XBOX, and while the XBOX 360 has limmited backwards compatability, The first and second halo games can indeed be played on XBOX 360 along with Halo 3 and Halo ODST.

Can you play halo for Xbox on the Xbox 360?

Yes, you can since I am a big fan of Halo myself I have tried it.

Can you play halo on the normal Xbox?

Yes. Halo was originally released for the Xbox. See related links below.

Can you play halo 1 on Xbox?


Can you play Halo 3 on a xbox?


Is it possible to play Halo from an Xbox to PC?


Does PS3 play halo games?

No Halo is an Xbox 360 exclusive and not made for the PS3