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Can you play multiplayer games with a person that has a Nintendo ds lite and another person that has a Nintendo ds i?


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yes you can do it i do it with my friends and we have 2 diffrent types of a ds

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Nintendo 3DS games are only playable on Nintendo 3DS systems, and in order to play Nintendo 3DS games multiplayer, you require multiple Nintendo 3DS systems. However, Nintendo DS and DSiWare games that support multiplayer can be played using the Nintendo 3DS system.

Yes, but each person has to have a separate console. Not all games have multiplayer features.

All Nintendo DS are region-free, there is no regional lockout. Any Nintendo DS game will work with any Nintendo DS, and any Nintendo DS game is compatible for multiplayer with another Nintendo DS game, of a different country of origin. I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!

No, you can't. Nintendo DS don't support multiplayer for GBA games.

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS can play Nintendo DS games in multiplayer, both locally and online. Do be aware that to play DS games online, your wi-fi setup needs to be configured separately using the "Nintendo DS Connections" option in system settings.

Yes, you can. However, keep in mind that the Nintendo DSi cannot play 3DS games so 3DS multiplayer games will not work.

Yes, it can. But DS cannot do 3ds download but 3ds can do DS download.

yes old games are first person new games are multiplayer

No, the Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo DS cannot DS download 3DS games including Mario Kart 7

By "link" I'm going to assume "connect". The 3DS can connect to another 3DS via Local Multiplayer. Some games such as Super Smash Bros for 3DS can have up to 3 other 3DSs hooked up to 1 host 3DS.

You need a DS connect cable to mate them together and play multiplayer games.

If you like Nintendo games and innovative games that use different control styles, then wii If you want to play games from old consoles like the sega genesis or the Nintendo 64, then wii If you love good graphics more than anything, then computer or PS If you want hardcore gaming with decent multiplayer and great graphics, then PS If you want the best multiplayer service, which isn't free, then xbox

Multiplayer games are games that you can play with other people

You can connect two Nintendo DS consoles together in Pictochat, DS Download Play, or in the Multiplayer feature of many games.Pictochat allows you to send messages and drawings to each other.DS Download Play allows many consoles to play the same game, with only one DS having a game. Not all multiplayer games support DS Download Play.Games can have local multiplayer or wi-fi multiplayer, in which case you can connect to a DS anywhere in the world, as long as they're online too.

You must mean the part on the menu that says, "download play". On certain Nintendo ds games you can play multiplayer with only one game card. On some games (not all games have the feature) like Mario kart, you press multiplayer. then you press create group. then press simple (play against people who don't have mariokart). then on another ds you press download in the menu and wait for mariokart to come up. press on it and press download then race against the person on the other ds! (Mario kart is just one example of a game that has dowload play there are amny others.) if you want to know more, email ( i know my stuff about Nintendo ds's! )

No 3DS games and the system are seperate and cannot be used on another system.

i have a ps3 in my opion multiplayer games are off this planet

Yes there compatible with each other, you can play games on multiplayer. Its just a more refined version of the original Nintendo ds.

there are 2nd person videogames. They are mainly sidescrollers and platformers known as "2D games" almost every single game on the original Nintendo and super Nintendo is an example of one of these You are right...

mario kart 7 super monkey ball 3d mario tennis open starfox 3D

No... a N64 is a whole different game setup. The games are "Cartridges." Nintendo Gamecube games work on the Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo Gameboy games work on the Nintendo DS. ~Hope that helps :)

Nintendo is not just one person. Nintendo games are created by a team of advanced computer programmers. otherwise, nothing would get done

You can for multiplayer games, Poke Transfer, Wi-Fi settings transfer or PictoChat. A 'mini' version of certain games like Super Mario 64 DS can be sent to another DS for demonstration or multiplayer, using DS Download Play.

no but you can play Nintendo advance games on a Nintendo ds

Uncharted 2 and 3 are multiplayer games.

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