The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Can you play the legend of Zelda wind waker online free?

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You can't play Wind Waker online. IT'S FOR GAMECUBE.

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Zelda isn't in the forsaken fortress, if your talking about Aryll (Link's sister) you free her later in the game

There was an online game calls Graal, which the graphics where based on Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. Which actually the original game design was to be a Legend of Zelda free MMO. It has now changed to allow users, who pay for the service, to create their own worlds in the game. It is still free, if I am not mistaken, and it has many worlds some similar to Legend of Zelda, some more modern. But they are all using the graphics from Link to the Past.

If by "Zelda Classic" you mean the original Legend of Zelda, you can play it for free at the link I have added.

you could go on www.vizzed/vizzedboard but you have to sign up its free to

Only if you download an emulator for the N64 and an emulation for the game.

you have to find the hookshot put on the iron boots and hook onto the giant statues target to pull it over

You first need to free Tingle from the Windfall Prison and beat the Earth and Wind Temples.Then, you will be able to get one in the mail by paying rupees.

You cannot, Twilight princess is a offline console game, you can play it on the computer with an emulator but not online.

For a Pokemon came you might want to start here For Legend of Zelda you can check out Hey some other guy is writing this You could look up seeds of darkness its a Zelda game

Depending on if you want to download it or not, . You can also download an emulator and rom of Minish Cap on so you can play it offline.

depends which one you are talking about, but yes. unless ofcourse you are talking about the new Legend of Zelda Four Swords Anniversiry edition, on the dsi shop for free

well i picked up a 3ds and i got the legend of zelda four swords free from the eshop and it auto saves on it so im pretty sure it auto saves

Not anymore. Try looking online somewhere such as eBay if you want a copy of the game.

You can get free Zelda piano sheet music from the following sites;Herbalcell.comZeldaShineZeldaCapitalHope this helps!

If it's out there, J.W. Pepper or would have it (NOT for free).

after u get the hookshot use the iron boots to hang on the ground...then hookshot the target on the rock thingy to free him....................... is really good

yes u can do to the dsi shop and download it it is free to do

Actually, it's already out. You can download it in the E Shop for free.

to find the great faeries i suggest you do two things 1. free tingle andget the map he gives to you then 2. go to the one eye two eye reefs and you will find a chart in one after destrpying all the baddies happy hunting

Google Legend Of Zelda Violin Sheet Music, or make it more specific, and put the song you want instead of Legend of Zelda, For Example "Sarias Song Sheet Music"Try here They have a lot of Zelda music, I didn't check for violin though. It will tell you under the name of the song what it was transcribed for.

this is where you can get the game but you will need Project 64 to play it .

Destroy the big boulder with a spider bomb and then get the key to set the monkey free ^_^

"blow and move your fingers until it sounds good." previous answeryou can play legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time on your PC using a N64 Emualtor (which is easily downloadable online) and the LoZ:OoT ROM online also (free also, don't pay for any roms or emulators cause its a scam) a good website for emulators is (not sure its spelled right)for Emulators and for ROMs. emulatorzone requires no registration but does but you don't need a credit card or anything like that(wouldn't use it if you had too)