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Yes, they are functionally the same.

Not only are they functionally the same, but they are truly one and the same thing. That which some people call a 110 volt line and what some call a 120 volt line are provide by the same equipment.

The difference in the name is based on what was the standard voltage at the time the person speaking learned what to call it. Presently, it is not uncommon to find 125 volts and 130 volts [and more] at a receptacle outlet. The upward ratcheting line voltage is the answer power companies use to address ever-increasing demand. For more information see the answer to the Related Questionshown below.

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Q: Can you plug in a 120V appliance into a 110V outlet?
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Can you plug a 110V appliance into a 115V outlet?

You should have no problem as long as the pug fits into the outlet. Common house hold voltages range up to 120V.

Can you plug an 110V appliance in a 120v outlet?

Any 110 volt appliance is designed to be plugged into a 120 volt outlet. 120 volt outlets generally supply between 105 and 120 volts.

Can you plug a 125v appliance into 110v car outlet?


What happens if you plug a 120V appliance into a 240V outlet?

You will burn up your appliance!!!!!

How do you plug a 120V appliance into an outlet wired for a 240V?

you get an adapter

What happens if you plug a 110v appliance into 220v outlet?

It won't turn on.......

Can you plug a 120v appliance in a 115v outlet?

Yes, no problem at all.

Can you plug a 100V appliance into a 110V outlet?

Yes you can safely do this. A 10 volt difference between the appliance and the outlet will not make a difference.

Can you use 220v into a 110v outlet?

NO. - You will burn out any 110 volt appliance or light you plug into it.

Can I plug my apartment size dryer which is 120V 12A into the top of the stove plug-in?

Yes. The outlet on the stove should be rated to 15A 110V.

Can a 110 volt appliance work on 220 volt in Philippines?

1) Possible... You can buy a converter in any electrical supplies store. Plug in your appliance(s) in this converter then plug the converter into your 220V outlet. 2) Most of the Automatic Voltage Regulator has a 110V outlet. Plug in your appliance in this outlet and plug in the AVR in the 220V outlet. Hope I help you

Can you run a 110V plug off a 220V plug?

Not really if the 110v plug has a 110v rated appliance fitted, 220v will blow the fuse or damage the appliance, and there is a chance that the 220v will be to much for the 110v plug to handle

Can you plug a 220v deep fryer into a 110v outlet?

No. Attempting to run an appliance on insufficient voltage can cause damage to the appliance and can be dangerous. Call an electrician and get him to install a 220v plug

How can you wire a 110V plug outlet from a 240V plug outlet not speaking of a converter but actually changing the plug outlet so that there are no long term effects on the 120V appliance?

Assuming the wiring to the outlet has 2 loads and one neutral, isolate one load from the outlet and use the neutral as the common. be sure to ground from the receptacle to your conduit or ground lead. You should also replace the corresponding breaker with a 120 volt single breaker.

Can you plug in a 100v plug into 120v outlet?

No you cannot plug a 100v into a 120v outlet, it will fry whatever the product you are plugging up.

Can you plug a 115V appliance into a 110V outlet?

Yes you can safely do this. Most appliances that are marked 115 volts will operate on outlet between 110 and 120 volts safely.

What happens to the amperes if you plug a 220V appliance into a 120V outlet?

The amps drawn will be cut in half but the appliance motor, if there is one, may not be able to start up and burn up.

Plug a 110v hair straightener into a 220v outlet?

Do not do this.

What happens if you plug a 240V electrical appliance into a 120V circuit?

At best, nothing will happen; the appliances won't run. At worst, the appliance will try to run on the lower voltage, fail to do so, and damage some of the mechanical parts. This is one of the reasons why a 240V appliance has a different plug than a 110V item.

Will plugging a 220V appliance into 110V outlet cause damage?

You will have trouble plugging a 220 volt appliance into a 110 volt outlet because both have different polarities for the plug and receptacle that make it impossible for that action to happen.Altering the plug isn't too good of an idea, as the voltage demand of the appliance would be too heavy for the wiring.

Can you plug 110v 50 hz into 120v 60 hz outlet?

It depends on the device. Many things are made so they can run on both. Performance may be compromised to a degree.

Does a dishwasher have a 110v plug or 220v plug?

In 110v countries, it's got a 110v plug--the motor and heater in a dishwasher aren't very large, and the unit runs fine on 110v. In 220v countries, naturally the appliance runs on 220v.

Can you plug two appliances a 120v and a 110v on the same line which is a 110v?

Should be ok provided you do not draw too much current.

How do you plug a 240V appliance into an outlet wired for a 120V?

You don't. The plug (cap) has a different configuration between the two voltages. This is to prevent plugging a device of one voltage into a supply of a different voltage.

Can you plug a dc appliance into a wall outlet?


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