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Can you plug your gas electric generator inside a wall socket in order to distribute the electricity to other appliances on the same curcuit?

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2007-12-13 01:26:19

The short answer is yes. BUT, if you do not turn off the breaker

on the circuit you plug into, it will back feed the breaker box and

the line going into the house. This can be very dangerous to the

utility workers trying to repair the lines outside the home. At the

very least turn off the main breaker until the electric has been

restored. Also make sure you do not over load that circuit with too

many appliances. If it is a 15amp circuit, look at the devices you

will have connected and running and make sure the total amps used

does not exceed that capacity. That would be a possible fire

hazzard. I did this today, but I used and outside outlet and was

able to run our furnace blower and a few lights without any


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