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The short answer is yes. BUT, if you do not turn off the breaker on the circuit you plug into, it will back feed the breaker box and the line going into the house. This can be very dangerous to the utility workers trying to repair the lines outside the home. At the very least turn off the main breaker until the electric has been restored. Also make sure you do not over load that circuit with too many appliances. If it is a 15amp circuit, look at the devices you will have connected and running and make sure the total amps used does not exceed that capacity. That would be a possible fire hazzard. I did this today, but I used and outside outlet and was able to run our furnace blower and a few lights without any problems.

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Why was the electric generator invented?

The electric generator was invented to generate electricity where the electric supply is not there.

What is the Difference between electric generator and electric motor?

Generator is the device that generates electricity. Motor is a rotating device using electricity

Appliances which use electricity to produce heat?

Appliances which uses electricity to produce heat are heater, oven, hair dryer, electric iron, bread toaster, electric cooker and other modified appliances.

How does the electrostatic generator work?

The electric static generator is a device that produces static electricity, or electricity at high voltage

Where can I find information that compares a gas generator versus an electric generator?

A gas generator generates electricity and can be used as a backup in a power outage. I am not certain what you mean by an electric generator. If there was a power outage, how would an electric generator work?

What is a hydro electric generator?

Hydro- means water. A hydro-electric generator uses moving water from a river or dam to turn the generator and produce electricity.

What is produced by a generator?

The general term generator is usually applied to the kind of generator that produces electricity, or electric power.

What type energy do you use to make electric appliances work?


What machine make electricity?

Some machines that make electricity are:generatoralternatorthermo-electric generatorbatterysolar cellsetc.

What are some real life examples of electric charge?

Static electricity, lightning, and the electricity used to power appliances are all electric charges.

What is electric power generation?

An electric power generator is a generator the converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. That way you can get energy from the generator to produce electricity to places like your home.

What is the function of an electric generator in terms of electric power and motion?

It changes mechanical energy to electricity.

Which appliances use the most electricity?

Appliances that produce heat and cold use most electricity. Examples: electric iron, air condition, freezer, refrigerator and vacuums.

What produces electricity by spinning a magnet in a coil of wire?

An Electric Generator.A device with magnets and coils of wire that produce electricity is a generator. In an automobile it is called an alternator.

What is the name of a machine which makes electricity?

Electric generator. May be a dynamor or a cell.

Why is it dangerous when you use electric appliances when you're wet?

Because water conducts electricity.

What is power made from?

A generator manufactures electricity. In a generator, something causes the shaft and armature to spin. An electric current is generated

Will a backup generator run my household?

A backup generator is used in cases of electricity power outages. The generator can be connected to your electric service and will power the electricity for a number of hours. To hook up a backup generator it would be advisable to hire a professional electrician.

What is the difference of an electric generator and a transformer?

A generator creates electricity from another form of power, usually kinetic. A transformer changes the electric voltage in a circuit, e.g. 240V to 12V

The advantages and disadvantages of the electric generator?

The advantage of having an electric generator is that you don't have to worry about spending a small fortune for gas. However its advantage is also its disadvantage, in the event of a power outage, there will not be any electricity to run the generator.

Why should we not touch electric appliances with your wet hands?

because water is a good conducter of electricity

How does an electric fence unit work?

A generator runs electricity through a wire thus electrifying it.

Can you List three appliances that heat up when electricity flows through them?

Radios, TV's, and electric heaters.

What is the working mechanism of a railway engine that runs on electricity?

The working mechanism of a railway engine that runs on electricity is the electric motor on diesel trains. This mechanism is the generator or the turbine in an electric train.

A particular power source creates electricity through the use of giant magnets that are rotated to create a flow of electrons. This electricity is then directed?

From the electric generator to electric outlets in homes