Can you prosecute a repo man for trespassing on commercial private property to repo a auto?


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Only a prosecuter can prosectute.

It is legal to repo a car from anywhere as long as they dont "breach the peace" to get to it. That is, they cant break & enter or physically move you out of the way.

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If the vehicle is trespassing and you are inside it then you are trespassing.

wha is the fine for posting signage on private property

all railroad property is private. heavy penalties for trespassing as well

Your question is unclear. If the owner of the property asks you to leave, and you do not, you are technically trespassing. There being one, two, or eighty-five businesses there is irrelevant. However, simply locating two businesses on private property, with the consent of the owner of that property, is not trespassing. If it were, shopping malls couldn't exist.

No. If they do, they are trespassing and you can have them arrested.

Yes, if you're not trespassing on private property.

Post NO TRESPASSING Signs, and call the LAW if they are nIt heeded

Billboards are private property, so yes, that would be trespassing.

The transient citizens were often arrested for trespassing on private property.

The private property contained a no trespassing sign to keep unwanted criminals away from vandalizing it.

yes and noif its your property noif its not then yes, that is called trespassing:)

With the permission of the property owner, yes. Without permission they could be considered trespassing

Jurisdiction for trespassing varies according to location. In the United States, it can be both civil and criminal, depending on the extent and type of trespass. However, in the United Kingdom, it is usually a civil matter and police don't always enforce the laws. It should be noted, trespassing is not simply one person walking onto private or closed public property without permission, it can involve constructing a building on disputed property boundaries, dumping refuse or garbage , parking on private property as well as allowing pets to trespass on private property.

if it is private property yes. If you live in a complex that has security guards, you can keep them off to an extent. If its private property, I would suggest to notify them that it is private and you want them to leave. If they do not leave you have the right to call the police and have trespassing charges brought against them.

Yes, that is why it is called "private" property. It belongs to someone and usually you either know the person all ready or you need to ask permission to go onto the property. Otherwise it is trespassing.

"No Trespassing" means that you are not allowed to enter a private area without permissions.

The phrase "keep out" could be replaced with the phrases:no admittanceno trespassingno entranceno exitprivate property (by implication, means "keep out")keep off the property

No,,,,,,,, its considered private property in Canada

Looking for commercial property isn't as simple as looking for private property to lease or own. Typically going to a realtor brokerage is needed to find commercial property, especially in a large urban sprawl like Dallas where property is a hot commodity.

No property is really EVER abandoned. All property is owned by SOMEBODY. It may be empty and even look derelict - but it is NEVER abandoned.

Johnny Cash got arrested for three charges:Drug Possession and Smuggling.Trespassing private property.Rush driving.

Nope, private property owners, whether individuals or business entities, are free to limit expressive conduct on their property. This includes protests, but can be anything up to and including letters on a t-shirt. Private property owners can have parties that refuse to comply with their requests to limit unwanted conduct removed by police and prosecuted for trespassing.

It is illegal to enter and pass through property that is conspicuously marked against trespassing, either with signs or DNR-compliant paint marks on trees or posts. It is also considered trespassing to enter or cross through private property if told by the owner not to do so, or to stay on private property after being told to leave by the owner. It is worth noting that these laws does not make it a crime for a person to unintentionally and innocently wander into private land that isn't marked at the boundaries in some way. There are several other more obscure types of trespass concerning race track stables, railroads, farm land, and trespassing with voyeuristic intentions. See link, under Subtitle 4.

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