Can you pull the radiator out of a 94 jeep grand Cherokee 5.2 liter myself and if so how?

Yes you can, The drain plug is located on the drivers side under the steering box. Remove the 2 fan shroud nuts and carefully wiggle it free from the bottom. Remove the lower radiator hose. Remove the 2 trans lines at the radiator. Remove the 3 front Grille Phillups screws. There are 2 bolts behind the Grille. The Long rubber peice that runs the width of the hood, remove it, it is only plastic push pins. There are bolts under it that need to be removed. Remove the top 4 bolts, 2 are connecting to the radiator and 2 on each end. Carefully lift the top cover plate that you just unbolted and hang it to the side, it still has the hood latch connected to it. Be sure you removed the top radiator hose. Now you can lift the radiator out, it is in a pretty tight area, but with care you can get it out. IT is not hard, just might be alittle frustrating to some. Hope you find this helpfull.