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You can put a fifteen dollar used tire on your car and it will still work but is that how you want to pimp your ride Modern autos and Lt trucks have requirements based on the manufacturers specs, those specs also include the tires on your car. Yes all tires are black, round with a hole in the middle, but there are a lot of subtle varriances in the way they are built. Congrats on driving a fine automobile, just keep in mind, the manufacturer probably specd a "speed rated" tire for your car, and it should only be replace with a like tire. Functions like your Anti-lock brake system and traction control are influenced by the computer monitoring the revolutions per mile at all four corners-variations caused by different tires on your car may cause problems. Finally, if you thought you could drive a Lexus on a Yugo budget, you are mistaken- you married a Super Model-now your expected to help her age gracefully...

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Q: Can you put 2 differently priced pairs of tires on your Lexus as long as all of the tires are made by the same manufacturer and the tires are rotated only from front to back?
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How much to replace timing belt on a 2002 Lexus rx300?

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The tool kit includes a several section crank and a male adapter. Remove access cover on rear bumper to locate winch mechanism. As the crank is rotated, the spare will decend to the ground.

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