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yes you can but you will need some fab skills and basic mechanical know how

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โˆ™ 2005-12-01 04:35:19
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Q: Can you put a Bigfoot tire on a Go-Ped Sport model?
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Can you fit a husqvarna chain saw engine to a goped?

Sure if you're adept with tools and welding. -When I was a teen my first kart had a McCulloch chain saw engine. It went great. - Your biggest problem with fitting one on a go-ped will be finding a rear chain ring to fit on the back wheel. You will need a chain ring with about 140-150 teeth, and a solid way to mount it on a spoked wheel.. Gopeds ( real gopeds) do not have spoked wheels. a goped sport has a solid wheel. and solid tire. same with qa goped bigfoot. except it is an airtire. anyhoo have ot make sure engine rotates in proper direction. going backwards at 40 would not be fun. NOW, a goped gsr sure. but youd need to grqab one ofthose Chinese pocket bike transmissions. ( around $20 ) same with my gtr, and other gopeds. same with the Chinese scooters. often incorrectly referred to a goped.

What is the correct tire size for a 1994 buick skylark?

That depends if it's a Gran Sport model or not. The Gran Sport had 16" tires. Check with any tire store to find out for certain.

Who invented the world's biggest tire?


What is the tire pressure for Bigfoot Tires?

I have heard in Discovery- it is 8 psi

Who sells 235x70x16 tire name on tire says sport SUV ultra tour?

Republic Tire

What is the correct tire rim size for a 2000 SL 500 Mercedes?

For 2000 std model 17X 8 1/4. If you have sport model 18" staggard 8 1/2 Front and 9+ rear.

Who makes equalizer sport a p tires?

Eldorado makes this tire.. IT is a division of Cooper tire

What is the correct tire pressure on a 2002 Nissan Altima?

It's not determined by the make and model of the car, but by the tire make and model. The maximum pressure is printed on the tire, as PSI.

What do the numbers on a motorcycle tire mean?

the size of the tire, the model, when it was made

Who makes republic invader sport tire?


What is the correct tire pressure for a 2000 Jeep Sport Cherokee?

Hi correct tire pressure 38-42psi

What is the correct tire pressure for Kia Spectra?

Tire pressure is not determined by the make or model of the vehicle. It is determined by the tire size. You can find the maximum tire pressure on the sidewall of every tire.

Tire size for 1998 Montero sport?


What is the largest tire that will fit on a ford explorer sport?

If you have your manual it will show not to change tire size as it changes the stability of the vehicle

What is the tire pressure for a Hyundai accent coupe Si?

tire pressure differs depending on tire manufacturer and tire make/model. pressure can be found in small print close to the tire rim on the tire sidewall.

Could I do better with discount tire?

You may be able to find a better price with Discount Tire. This depends on the model of tire needed.

What is the correct tire size for 2001 windstar sport?

Why are you driving a Windstar!

Are bfg tires any good for your car?

The sport car tires are built to provide excellent traction and handling. The g-force T/A KD model from this range of tires is the fastest tire on any production

How much do Tire Rods on 1991 model range?

What is a "Tire Rod", Do you mean Tie Rod?

Does the Volvo XC90 have psi wheel sensors?

Late model XC90's can be equiped with Tire Pressure Monitors depending on the model year. The system will notify you of a low tire but will not tell you which tire is low.

How do you remove the spare tire of a jeep liberty sport?

there is a special socket that comes with the vechicle to be used on the lug nuts that hold the tire in place

Where can one find information on Michelin Pilot Sport?

One can find information about the Michelin Sport tire by visiting a tire dealer that sells Michelin tires. One can look in the yellow pages of a phone directory to locate a Michelin dealer.

What is the tire pressure on the Renault clio 1.2 sport?

What tire pressure should you run on a 95 Cherokee sport?

32 psi

What tire sizes will fit on a 2005 Ford Freestar sport?