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You can put a Boost Mobile SIM card in a Verizon phone, but it won't work.

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Q: Can you put a boost SIM card in a Verizon phone?
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Can you activate a phone with Verizon that is not a Verizon phone?

yes if you have a iPhone with at&t . the way to switch iPhone carriers is take the iPhone sim card out and put a t moilble sim card or Verizon or sprint or boost moilble or whatever phone company

Can you use a TracFone sim card in a boost phone?

only if the card is compatible with the phone some are not

Can you use a boost phone with t-mobile sim card?

can you use a boost phone with t-mobile phone sim card

Do you got new sim card Verizon perpaid phone?

Buy a different phone or contact Verizon support.

Can you use a Verizon prepaid sim card in a Verizon non prepaid phone?

Yes, you can if the sim card is compatible with your phone ( if the phone is for gsm sim card if your sim card is gsm your good). You just have to activate it prepaid on the website of the carrier of the sim card with the sim card 15 digit number.

Can you use a cingular sim card with a Verizon phone?


Which Verizon phones are world phones?

Droid x 3. from what i understand any verizon phone with a sim card. The sim card makes it a world phone.

Can you use a T-Mobile phone with Verizon?

N you cant use a t mobile phone with Verizon because it the t mobile phone has a sim card and the Verizon doesn't take sim cards.No you cant use a t mobile phone with Verizon because it the t mobile phone has a sim card and the Verizon doesn't take sim cards.This is not true Verizon does have sim cards look it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you transfer a SIM card from a Verizon Motorola 265 phone to a Verizon RAZR phone?

SIM card is usually accessable under the battery. Remove the battery and there you should see the card. I am not familiar with either phone but that is generally how it is done But Verizon does not have sim's cards. Y-THINK-Y

Nextel sim card in boost mobile phone?

say what

Can unlocked cell phones be used with Verizon wireless?

unfortunately most Verizon phones do not use a sim card. However any Verizon phone that is called a World Phone not only uses Verizon but you are able to put a sim card in it.

Can a boost phone work with t mobile sim card?

A Boost Mobile phone can only work with a T-Mobile sim card if the phone is unlocked. Phones that are locked to a specific carrier will not work with other sim cards.

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