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Yes. It depends on the fixture. If the bulb runs at line voltage (i.e. without a transformer), then yes. If it's a low voltage halogen bulb, such as a 12 volt running off of a transformer, then you'll need to find out if the transformer is dimmable.

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Q: Can you put a halogen bulb on a dimmer switch?
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Are halogen lights able to be put on a dimmer switch?

Yes. There are various types of dimmers. Look for the halogen dimmer in your favorite search engine.

Can you put a dimmer switch on a combination of halogen and incandescent fixtures?

Halogen is a type of incandescent fixture so yes.

Can you put a Xenon Bulbs on a dimmer switch?

Yes, if you buy a dimmable Xenon bulb. Not all of them are dimmable.

Can you put a blue halogen bulb in a 1998 valkeyrie?


Energy savings light bulbs flickering and do not dim on dimmer switch?

you can not put a normal dimmer on a florescent light. You need to install a dimmer made for flourecent lights and they are expensive about 50 dollar around here. If you want to dim it put a normal incandescent bulb in the fixture.

Can you put an AC dimmer switch on a low voltage 12 volt halogen light fixture?

Although a dimmer can be designed for 12 v halogen lamps it is more common for dimmers to work on higher voltages. Dimmers have to work into a resistive load so it is not usually possible to place the dimmer on the high-voltage side of the 12 v transformer that comes with the lights.

What happens to the brightness of the bulb when the second bulb is put into a series circuit?

it should become dimmer

What happens to the brightness of the bulb When you put a dimmer switch in your series circuit and turn it up?

I'm not sure what you mean by turning a dimmer switch "up".-- When the dimming action of the device is turned 'up', the bulbbecomes more dim, that is, less bright.-- The dimmer may have an arrow printed on its control, labeled 'brighter'.In that case, when you turn the control in the direction of the arrow,the light becomes brighter, i.e. less dim.

Can you put a dimmer switch on compact fluorescent light bulbs?

I have but if dimmer is on low the light fixture sometimes "hums", can be anoying It also shortens the bulb life, significantly in some cases. But their are also CFL bulbs built to be used with a dimmer switch that avoid these problems.Another AnswerYou should only use CFLs specifically-designed to be used with dimmers in circuits controlled by dimmer switches. There is a proven danger of fire hazard when ordinary CFLs are controlled by dimmer switches and, so, this should NEVER be done.

Why does your clockradio light switch off when the headlights are put on?

They as designed to "dim" when headlights are on to reduce "glare" try adjusting dash dimmer switch

How many downlights can you put on 240v single phase c10 mcb operated by a 3-pole dimmer switch?

need to know the capacity of the dimmer and the size of the lights

Can a lemon make a bulb light up?

if you put a lemon on the light bulb and turn the switch on it will but ! it will smell

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