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I don't see why it wouldn't work. Simply hook the wire from the horn relay to it and make sure it is grounded. GoodluckJoe

That is correct -- as long as the Ferrari horn is in working condition. If they both have the same mount bracket you're in luck. If not find a place to mount it securely with a good ground, connect the wire and test.

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Can you put a transmission from a 94 Mitsubishi 3000GT into a 92 Mitsubishi 3000GT?

Yes i suppose so, as i have a buddy who did the same.

How much oil should you put into a 94 Mitsubishi 3000gt base model?

Refer to your owner's manual for the right amount.

Is it possible to swap transmissions of a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000gt and a Mitsubishi eclipse gs?

It is not. The GS is a tranny for an I4, so its not quite wide enough to match up to the V6 block. And if I remember correctly, the 94 manual was a 6-speed. You'd need to get the tranny from a 3rd generation Eclipse GT (I know this works because I did it on my 97) but this only works if you have a SOHC motor, which Mitsubishi didn't put in the 3000GT until 97, but Dodge put it in the Stealth from the beginning. You're probably gonna have to hunt for a Stealth/3000GT parts car.

Can you put a 1995 3000GT engine into a 1997 3000GT model?


Is a 1996 Mitsubishi 3000gt good car?

i don't know about the 3000gt but Mitsubishi is very good i bought one brand new and had it for 15 yrs the most money i put into it at one time was $583 [morri908] I own a 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL (non turbo). It's a great car. It takes forever for a part to break, but remember that when it does it'll cost you quite a bit to fix (... well, just slightly higher then other cars.) And remember that it only takes Premium fuel

Can you put a twin turbo engine in a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000gt SL?

you can do this but will be very costlly as you will have to change a lot of things will probley be cheaper to buy the whole car then do it separate

What viscosity oil do you put in the engine of a Mitsubishi 300 gt?


How do you check the transmission fluid on a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL?

If there is no dip stick then there will only be a fill hole either on top or the tranny or the side. You will have to pull that out and put a piece of wire in it to check it.

Can you put a Mitsubishi 3000 gt vr-4 twin turbo engine and transmission into a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000gt sl non-turbo model?

or you could just change your high compresion pistons to low compresion ones and buy a t5 turbo

Where can you buy a ferrari?

at ferrari dealerships.try or put in ferrari then model or they are mostly in italy, lebanon or in the U.S. (california and florida)

Can you put money down on a Ferrari?

Yes, go to any Ferrari dealer, they will take a deposit on any Ferrari, new or second hand.

Can you put a 3000gt vr4 engine in a 3000gt sl transmission?

Yes sure you can. ___________________________________________________ I wouldn't recommend it, if you are referring to the automatic in an sl, because, with all due respect (I'm a huge Mitsubishi fan), they were quite inferior with an average lifespan of 75,000-100,000 if you're lucky. If that's what you're asking I would DEFINITELY recommend using the getrag manual gearbox that were offered for the 3000gt's.

Can you put twin turbos on a 1995 3000GT?

no. buy a twin turbo gto

How fast does a red Ferrari go?

you know the speed of a ferrari here is the stepsbuy a ferrarigo to the highwAyput your feet in the thingki mayigi and the you will see

What other car wheels fit a Mitsubishi 3000gt?

hi there,im not sure what would fit but the sizes you need are a maximum of 8j wheel width,offset between 42-46 a stud pattern of 114,just put these details into a wheel search engine and quite a few will come up,if however you search by car then for some reason wheel retailers put at least £150.00 pounds on the price of 3000gt rims,i got some league alchemist rims and tyres for £675.00 pounds,however a different retailer wanted £995.00 for the same wheels and tyres because it was for a 3000gt

How do you make the horn work?

hook a wire up to the (+) side of the battery and put it to the horn if the horn blows it a good horn if not replace the horn

Can you put a vr4 engine in your 94 nonturbo 3000gt and if so can regular mechanic put it in?

yes you can because I have a vr=4 engine in my 3000gt but the thing is you have to get the wiring harness and brain from the vr-4 engine if not it wont work. Also yes normal peoplecan put it in just take your time.

What type of gas should you put into a 3000GT VR4?

Premium gas of course for best performance

What may cause a 1994 3000GT to stall only when it is driven and only after it is put into gear?

Can you put a Vienna horn crook on a french horn?

Probably not.. Maybe on tuesday

When did the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder first enter production?

The second generation Mitsubishi Eclipse was put into production from 1995 to 1999. The convertible model called the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder was put into production in 1996.

Can a manual transmission from a 1990 Mitsubishi eclipse be put into an automatic 1994 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Yes it can.

What are some car accessories to put in your Ferrari?

The most common are carbon fiber inserts and floor mats with Ferrari logo for the interior and tailpipe tips and rims for the exterior, It depends on what model of Ferrari you own.

Why are my Mitsubishi Galant headlights flashing and I am unable to turn them off unless I disconnect the battery?

bad relay put your key in the door lock and unlock doors if you have a security alarm with horn possibly disabled this could happen.

How do you change a tail light on a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000gt?

Remove the plastic cover in the trunk (spin the hand nut by one quarter turn), reach in there and find the bulb that needs to be replaced, unscrew the bulb holder by one half turn and you pull the old bulb out , put the new one in.