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Can you put a mark 2 gear box into a mark 1 golf?

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How do you fit a gear box in a mark one fiesta - XR2?

you put it in there ______________________________________________________________________ helpful

How do you put oil in gear box of a PT Cruiser?

To put oil in a gear box of a Chrysler PT Cruiser, first plug minor coolant leaks.

What gear box oil do i put in to twin disc gear box GM 509?

sae 40, api cf

How do you put a Suzuki Reno timing mark?

Align the timing marks on the camshaft gears to the notches on the camshaft cover, using the intake gear mark for the intake gear and the exhaust gear mark for the exhaust gear. 38. Align the mark on the crankshaft gear with the notch at the bottom of the rear timing belt cover.

Where do you put the oil in for a gear box peugeot 206?

remove plastic nut on top of gear box and fill,, 2 litres of oil,,

Leak in gear box in fiat maria is there a liquid type can be put in gear box to seal leak in gasket?

you can try wynns gear leak stop-it thickens oil and swells the seals.

How do you attach a millstone to a windmill on minecraft?

OK first you make a working windmill. Make a tower usally about 10-15 blocks high with a ladder so in case it breaks you can fix the windmill. Then attach an axle to the windmill then a gear box to the axle. Then attach another axle to the bottom of the gear box keep doing that until the last gear box is 3 blocks from the ground. Now attach a axle to the open side of the gear box and attach 3 axles to the side of the gear box. Now put a gear box on the axles and put a axle on the bottom of the gear box. Finally put the millstone under that axle. You know when you did it right because you will hear gears moving and you will see black smoke.

When your almera is hot it is difficult to put into first gear?

Sounds like 1st gear synchros or the gear itself, box needs stripping to be sure.

Where do you put gear box oil in a Renault kangoo?

it is at the left hand side of the engine and then you just put in

How much oil do you put in a gear box on a peugeot 106 diesel?


Would mk2 golf 16v gearbox fit a mk2 golf 8v?

yes i just put my 8v box on my 16v bolts straight on

Where do you put gear box oil in ford maverick?

you remove insulator wearing cloves and put it in and connect it to the blue cabel

Can you wipe your golf ball on the green?

mark your ball pick it up wipe it put it back pick ball mark up no stroke penalty.

Do you have to remove the steering box before removing pitman arm?

Some you do and some you don't. If you can put the pitman arm puller on and remove the pitman arm then leave the gear box alone. If the puller won't fit on it Then remove the gear box.

Is it a rule that you put a mark on your golf ball?

No, it was actually made up by a golfer in the 20th century who thought it was lucky.

Where do you put transmission fluid in 2002 lancer manual transmission?

under the car directly in gear box

What oil should you put in your vw golf mark 3 N reg?

A Volkswagen Golf Mark 3 N Reg should take 15w40 oil if the oil is mineral. If synthetic oil is preferred, a weight of 10w40 is fine.

I am a commercial driver in the box mark commercial license He put no Is it the ticket valid?


Cochez les Newsletters de votre choix?

"cocher" means to put a mark in the tick box, on a paper or online form. Cochez les newsletters de votre choix means that you have to "put the mark in the tick box for the newsletters you are selecting."

Why isn't my 350 transmission speedometer gear spinning?

Because your speedometer drive gear box probably needs to be replaced. Jack up the car (drive wheels off ground) disconnect speedo from transmission. Have someone start the car, put it in drive and look at the gear box to see if it is spinning. The drive gear box costs less than 20 buck son most cars.

How much oil do you put in to an escort van gear box 1.8 diesel x reg?

roughly about 4 quarts

Will a golfball float on top of water?

Evidently not. In fact many individuals put on scuba gear and dive for the retrieval of golf balls within ponds located on golf courses. The balls are refinished and sold again at a reduced price.

Where is the fuse box for a mk 2 golf?

the fuse box on a mk2 golf gti or other is under the little plastic panel below the steering wheel. if you put your hand down and feel for a ledge where the dashboard ends and the plastic lower half starts then just pull the ledge and the fuse box will be in front of you

Kx 1993 125 2 stroke and am wandering how mch mls of gear box oil has to be put into the gear box?

does the case not have a sight window? it's not a lot, probably 1-200millitres and if local shop can't tell you, try google-ing it

What does coche la salutation correcte mean in English?

tick (put a mark in the box) the correct greeting.

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