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It two Computer Systems have accurate similar configuration such as similar Motherboards, Processors, RAM, HDD and other components including display and network adaptors then their motherboards can be replaced without any problems at OS level.

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Q: Can you put a motherboard from one computer into another?
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Can I put a Dell motherboard into an HP computer?

If the processor and memory components from the Dell motherboard are also used, it is possible to put a Dell motherboard into an HP computer.

Can you put a new motherboard in your coumpter?

Yes, it is possible to replace your motherboard with new one. Just make sure that your new motherboard fits in your computer, and that it support all of the hardware you had on your old motherboard.

How can you fix your computer if the fan keep spinning but the computer won't turn on?

If the fan is spinning then the problematic parts are either the CPU or Motherboard. One way to test is to put the CPU on a good motherboard, and put a good CPU on the trouble PC's motherboard. This will eliminate the part you need to fix your PC. Then replace the broken part with a new one.

If your hard drive is still good but your motherboard is not how can you get the data off safely?

Just put the hard drive in another computer as a secondary drive, and all the information should be visible. There are many ways to do this these days. Here's a few. 1) Get a new motherboard and make your computer work again 2) Put the drive in another computer as a secondary drive 3) Use a USB Drive Enclosure to connect the drive to another computer.

Can you take one booting drive from one computer and put it in another computer?

Yes, you can.

How can you store a motherboard?

Put it back into an antistatic bag like the one it comes in originally. And put it into a motherboard box.

If you put i motherboard in my sisters old laptop will her files still be on the laptop?

No. Information is saved on the hard drive of the computer, no the motherboard.

What is a function of a motherboard?

The function of a motherboard is fairly simple. To put it easily, it is the main control of your computer. It is the main board your computer is running on at all times. If you don't have a motherboard, your computer will not do anything when you press power. It's like a brain. You, or anything, for that matter, cannot function without a brain operating it.

Can you put in any processor in a computer?

No, the processor that you put on the motherboard has to have the same socket as the motherboard. The socket number will be right on the the part that the processor snaps onto. You also have to check the motherboard manual to see if it is compatible with the new processor speed ( example: 1.3ghz)

How do you use a flashdrive?

U plug it into one computer or whatever you want to get information out of, then you can view the files and put files or documents onto it and then you can take it out and put it into another computer and put anything from the flash drive onto it. So basically you take info from one machine and put it into another.

What viruses travel from computer to computer on their own?

Viruses enter from one computer to another by the devices you put into your computer's.For example :if you put a pen drive into the and put that same pen drive in someone Else's computer the virus enters the the device from your computer and then goes in other computer

Can you take a graphics card out of a computer and put it into another one?

as long as the other computer has the correct expansion slot

Can you take a PS3 graphics card out and put it in a computer?

No. The "graphics card" in a PlayStation 3 is integrated into the motherboard.

Is it legal to buy software intended for one computer and put it on another?

Any software given to a user does not specify a computer. This means that if you get a product, you do not have to put it on the same computer you are using. Just make sure however that you disable the product on a computer before using it on another.

Can you put different Ram sticks in your computer?

You can only put different types (SDR_SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, etc...) in your computer if your motherboard supports the slots needed for them. Generally, if you have two types installed, one type will not be usable. You can use RAM modules of different speeds, as long as your Front Side Bus can run at the speed of the lowest module you put in. You can use different brands and capacities of RAM on your motherboard without any real issues.

How do you transfer music from one ipop to another iPod?

get it on your computer then put it on the other ipod

Can you burn games from one computer onto a CD-r and upload them onto another computer?

Yes as long as you put all the necessary files onto the CD and the setup folder, it is possible to transfer your games from one computer to another.

Can you put a new motherbord and processer in a computer made in 2001 and still keep ram and hdd?

It's highly unlikely the RAM and Hard Drive from a 2001 Motherboard will be compatible with a modern Motherboard.

How much should a computer memory hold?

A computer can hold memory depending on how strong the motherboard and the processor is. For example you have a Pentium 1 computer, obviously you cannot afford to put a 1GB memory on it.

What does a motherboard do in PC?

The motherboard, put in a simple way, links together all the parts of a computer (processor, graphics card, RAM) so they can interact. If you were to build your own desktop, the motherboard goes in first because it is the starting point from which you attach everything else.

Can I put my old hard drive in a new computer?

It depends: If it has Windows (Or any other OS) installed on it and you want to use windows with the new computer, no. Windows will not boot with a different motherboard, I think it is also against the EULA to use Windows on more than one motherboard. If it just holds data, like photos and films, but NO operating system then Yes you can.

How can you get songs from one computer to another?

You can do this in many ways. You can put the songs on a CD and rip it onto the other computer. You can put it on a memory stick. There are other wys bu these work best.

What is the motherboard attched to?

Your motherboard is attached to a power supply inside your system if it is desktop, and a mobile power supply if it is a laptop. The motherboard is built so it fits right into your computer and plugs in. Once it is plugged into that power supply in your computer, then everything else you put in it follows with it. That includes your GPU (graphics card), your CPU (processor), memory, hard drive, the fans for the CPU and GPU, and other things. There are alot of things that a motherboard attaches to.

What is the function of the motherboard on the computer?

A motherboard is also known as a main board, system board and logic board. A common abbreviation is 'mobo'. They can be found in a variety of electrical devices, ranging from a TV to a computer. Generally, they will be referred to as a motherboard or a main board when associated with a complex device such as a computer, which is what we shall look at. Put simply, it is the central circuit board of your computer. All other components and peripherals plug into it, and the job of the motherboard is to relay information between them all. Despite the fact that a better motherboard will not add to the speed of your PC, it is none-the-less important to have one that is both stable and reliable, as its role is vital.A motherboard houses the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), which is the simple software run by a computer when initially turned on. Other components attach directly to it, such as the memory, CPU (Central Processing Unit), graphics card, sound card, hard-drive, disk drives, along with various external ports and peripherals.

How do you transfer info from one computer tower to another one?

down load to a USB storage key the information you wish to keep or transfer or copy,,,,,remove from 1st computer and put into 2nd computer and upload.