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No, they're completely different.

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Q: Can you put a new beetle body on an old beetle chassis?
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Can you put a new beetle body on an old beetle chassis this is a test?

You can not. The two cars are completely different...the New Beetle has the engine at the wrong end. The New Beetle is bigger than the Old.

How much does a Volkswagen beetle weigh?

New or Old Beetle? The Old Beetles weighed about 1900 pounds.

Does the VW beetle float in water?

The old beetle could float but the new ones will not.

In a vw beetle where is the tool that removes the spare tire from the trunk?

New Beetle or Old Beetle. The new one doesn;t have a tool. You just raise up the insert with the tools and unscrew the bolt.

What is better a fiat panda or a VW beetle?

The car that is better is the vw beetle.The new beetle is more bigger and stylish.If you are buying the old beetle choose the fiat panda as it has less problems.

How do you change tubes in behringer mic compressor 1953?

- turn the unit off- disconnect from power- open chassis- take the old tube out- insert new tube- close chassis

Is the VW Beetle made of steel?

The body and frame (pan) is constructedof steel on the classic old Beetles.

What is meant by the recycling of metals?

The recycling of metals is the melting down of scrap metal, and reusing the melted metal to make something new, for example, taking an old car chassis, melting it down, then using the metal to cast a new chassis.

Where is the old beetle at?

mostly in Germany, you could find one in America if you are lucky. i hope i get an old beetle

Where can you find an old mobile home chassis?

I have a 10x50 chassis, in so. calif. Gary,951-678-4114

How do you get the old speakers out to put new ones in a volkswagen beetle?

Remove the grills and then there will be 4 screws just take them out and put the new speaker in.

How old is the super beetle?

35 years old

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