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Q: Can you put a parakeet in with a love bird?
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What to feed a juvenile parakeet?

You can feed parakeet food just make sure the food is dry and not wet. Make sure you put water in a cup for a parakeet. And check whether it is a male or female then you will need to give your parakeet a partner that will love each other. And make sure that the parakeet has a warm place to live but not very warm or else the bird will die.

Is parakeet a mammal?

No, a parakeet is a bird.

Why does a bird in a cage hits its mirror with its head?

Your bird is giving the bird in the mirror little love head butts. If you see a parakeet with another one, they will do the same thing in real life. Will start softly talking or singing in that little parakeet way and then head snuggle with the other bird & possibly groom their head too. Your bird is just doing what he or she can with the bird in the mirror, just a love thing, little love head butts.

What are the top ten smartest birds?

Parrot Macaw, crow, cockatoo, cocktail, budgie, love bird, myna bird parakeet

Should you put a sheet over a parakeet's cage at night?

Yes some say it will quiet the bird.

Which is a better pet bird A chicken or parakeet?

A parakeet.

What does it mean when a parakeet wheezes?

If the parakeet is also holding its wings out away from its body, the parakeet is too hot. You can spritz the bird LIGHTLY with cool, NOT cold, water and it will help. If you have a bird bath you can attach to the cage, or that the parakeet can use inside your home, that would be good also. Never put a parakeet in direct sunlight on days when the weather is 100 degrees F or over. They are also sensitive to cold. If the bird is wheezing but is not holding its wings out, it might be a good idea to take it to a veterinarian, because it may be sick.

Do parakeet get along with rabbit?

You shouldn't keep birds and rabbits together. The rabbit is bigger than the small parakeet so the parakeet will think that the rabbit will harm it. The rabbit will think that the bird is invading its territory. Also, rabbits have large ears, if the bird squawks, the rabbit will get irritated. You can put them in separate cages only for a happy rabbit and parakeet!

Is budgerigar a bird?

It is another name for a parakeet(a bird)

How do you look after a parakeet?

This depends on what type of parakeet. The term parakeet can refer to any number of unrelated bird species.

What is the difference between a parakeet and a budgie?

There is no difference. Both names mean the same bird. A budgie is a parakeet and a parakeet is a Budgie.

Can a male parakeet and a female lovebird mate?

I think so- I have a love bird and I see that it will mate with any other bird -parakeet included. However I am not sure if they will lay eggs or if the eggs laid will be fertilized. The genome differrence of the two should be considered and may be that will provide the right answer

Can you put a green parakeet in the cage with a blue parakeet?

Yes, budgies do not care about the color of the other bird. My birds are blue and green and they get along fine. If a pair of birds dont get along, it is not because of color.

Can your fix your parakeet?

Yes, you can fix your parakeet if you wanted to but, not many people do it because it is a bird!

Are parakeets happier when they live with another parakeet?

yes they are my parakeet was lonely in his cage, then i put a mirror he got happier and kissed the mirror a lot then i bot a new parakeet he was as happy or more. Parakeets tend to be more happy and intelligent with a nother bird in it's cage.

Which bird has the largest vocabulary?


How many years can a bird live for?

What kind of bird? If it is a parakeet then it is 10 :)

Can you feed thistle bird seed to your parakeet?

It all depends on the type and mix of bird feed in the feeder. If it's Wild Bird feed in general, it's OK for a parakeet yet it is not wise for it to be the entire parakeet diet. A healthy diet for a parakeet consists of seeds, pellets, fruits, and vegetables. Reference Link:

Can you put a small heat lamp in a parakeets bird cage to keep them warm?

I have a parakeet . The answer is NO!!! It will over heat them or scare them half to death.

How does a parakeet get a baby?

The female and male parakeet do a cloaca kiss and make a baby bird deedadee

A bird closely related to a cockatiel?

A Cockatoo, the Cockatiel is a member of the Cockatoo family. I think they are also related to the Parakeet and possibly the Love bird. ( i'm am not a 100% sure on that last one though.

How do you you tame a parakeet?

In order to tame your parakeet, you have to make it trust you. The best way to do this is by always talking to your bird and being somewhat calm around them. Parakeets also love it when you sing to them. If you want your bird to sit on your finger, the WORST thing that you could possibly do would be to try to grab your parakeet or just shove your finger at him/her. Start off by putting your hand in the cage and not even try to touch the bird. Make him/her comfortable with your hand and then just take your hand out. The next day put your hand back in and move closer to the bird but still don't touch it. Once your bird is fully comfortable with your hand in the cage you can then gently touch it. If your bird freaks out just stay still until it calms. Don't take your bird out of the cage until it is fully comfortable sitting on your finger for long periods of time.

What kind of body does a parakeet have?

A bird kind...

What is the national bird of mauritius?

Mauritius Parakeet

Is parakeet a noun?

Yes. A parakeet or any other bird is a noun. Animal names are all nouns.