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Can you put a small fish in with a turtle and the Turtle won't eat the fish?

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Depends on the turtle species and fish species. But probably not.

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Can three goldfish and algae eater live with a turtle?

It depends on the type of turtle and the size/maturity of the turtle. If the turtle is small and non-aggressive, sometimes they can share a habitat with fish. However, bear in mind that fish are natural prey of turtles. Eventually, they will probably catch his/her eye!it depends on the turtle and the fish, if its a snapping turtle nooo. if its something like a quarter turtle sure. The turtle wont be able to put its mouth on the fish its so small. Also the turtle won't eat the fish if it is full alredy, so just make sure the turlte is eating well.

Why wont the turtle mount ever drop?

It does drop, but it just takes a while. Also, you can only fish up the turtle mount from fishing pools in Northrend, so make sure to fish there or your chance will be zero.

Why wont your turtle eat?

It could be that your turtle is to cold.Either that or try feeding it different things.

Why wont my yellow bacck turtle come out his shell?

Is it too cold for it? (Is the turtle warm)

Why wont your turtle move?

I ate it, that's why.

What to do when your turtle bites you and wont let go?

The turtle will usually hang on on till he/she feels fine or you have to pull it away.

What types of fish can live with a turtle?

sicklets,oscors and any others kind if yhu wont it to be dead (real talk)

How can you tell if a turtle is going to lay eggs but it is a pet turtle?

I belive that the pet turtle will not be walking like it always does and it wont be eating a lot so that's how you will know if its have babys or not.

Is their a catfish that turtles wont bite?

well ,it depends on how the catfish is acting. if it annoys the turtle or harasses it, the turtle will obviously react.

Can turtles live in a fish tank?

Yes, although it isn't much space for them.Just make sure you have a place for it to rest its legs n breath at the top of the rankyour turtle may also eat the fish. If the fish are bigger, you need to make sure they wont attack your turtle (if it is a lot smaller).

When we will come to know that the turtle is dead?

Your turtle will be in the water not moving a single bit.It wont move for days wich is why you need to feed it.

What usually happens if members of different species interbreed?

normally nothing will happen because the chromozones wont match up like a fish and a turtle say the turtle has 35 chromozones and the fish has 49 it just wouldn't match up their would be 14 left over comozones

Can you buy a tank with no cover and put a turtle in it ANd while your sleeping will it crawl out?

you can put a turtle in a tank with no cover and it wont crawl out while you are sleeping

If you have 3 goldfish and a algae eater what turtle wont eat them?

All aquatic turtles eat fish, even if it's too big toeat.

Why wont your turtle eat turtle food but eats human food?

human food probably tastes better - how would you like to eat that dried up junk

What do you do if your turtle won't eat?

if your turtle wont eat they are probably too cold so make their tank warmer and their water warmer to about 90 degrees or like 85

Is it okay to carry water turtles?

It is ok to carry your turtle but I don't recommend that you do it often because it can stress on the turtle. If you are going to carry the turtle make sure that all of its legs and shell are supported. It wont like the feeling of hanging in mid air.

Is it safe to keep a box turtle you find outside?

i found a box turtle in VA and i kept mine and she is thriving just give the turtle a large habitat but not a aquarium turtles will try to break the glass and injure their snout and wont be able to breathe.

Why wont your map turtle eat?

Either your map turtle is too cold to eat, and is preparing for hibernation, your turtle recently noticed a big change (like a new tank, new tank arrangement, or you traveled with your turtle) or your map turtle is sick. Check the water and basking temperatures to make sure they are hot enough. Water and basking temperatures depend on what specific species your map turtle is, but is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit for water temperature and 90+ degrees Fahrenheit for your basking temperature. If your turtle doesn't eat for three days, take it in to a vet.

What to do if your turtle wont eat?

Try feeding it bannana slices, if not go see a vet.

Why wont this Snapping turtle let go?

It either likes you, hates you, or can't figure out what to do.

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