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any internal combustion engine can use a turbo or SC, the question is how much $$ and how long will motor last with the added stress. Which will be determined also by how much boost you choose to push.

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Q: Can you put a supercharger or turbo on a 1300cc civic?
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Can you put a supercharger on a 3.8 liter Chevrolet impala?

You can put a supercharger?turbo charger on anything. It all depends on how deep your pockets are.

Can you put a turbo in a 2008 dodge charger?

Yes, you can put a turbo and a supercharger on the chargers. wear would i go to find out how

What would be easier put a turbo on a 90 300zx na or a supercharger?

fit a twin turbo engine

Which is harder to put in a turbocharger or a supercharger?

a turbocharger. unless you are comparing a turbo kit to DIY supercharging. See what is available for your car. Turbo kits are more elaborate, but if you cant find a supercharger kit, you will have an easier time buying and installing the turbo kit that making a supercharger setup yourself.

Can you put a turbo on a supercharged car?

Yes. The best way to do it is to feed the air coming off the turbo into the intake of the supercharger. Then off the supercharger into the intake. You can have one or more intecoolers. This setup is called Twincharged

Should you put a turbo or a supercharger in your Camaro?

Yes I have one in my 96 camaro and it is awesome!

Can you put a supercharger in a Honda Civic vtec?

A super-charger or turbo-charger system can be installed on the V-TEC or i-VTEC DOHC motors. There are several good companies that provide solutions for either application.

Can you put a turbo in a v8 supercharged engine?

Adding a turbo to a v8 that already has a supercharger, isn't worth it/cost effective. If you are removing the supercharger and converting it to turbocharged then yes. The engine is built for the load/power and is the best candidate for turbocharging.

Can you put a supercharger and a turbo on the same internal combustion engine?

yeah if you want to pick your motor up in pieces.

What is the difference between a supercharger and a turbocharger in a car?

a supercharger is run by belt,turbocharger is run by ex. gases.supercharger is better ........actually it depends on the motor and what kind of turbo/supercharger you put on it,so neither is technically better than the other

What do you put in your dodge stratus RT V6 supercharger of turbos?

It Depends on how much more Horsepower you want. If you want alot more horsepower go with the Turbo,but if you want a little go with the supercharger. If you want to install a turbo you going to have to do little engine work to prevent your engine from blowing, installing a turbo can be expensive. Installing a supercharger doesn't need to much engine work, but can be cheaper than a turbo. It all depends how much time and money you want to spend.

Can you put a turbo into a Honda Civic 1.6 se vtec. if so where can you get one?

Yes you can put a turbo on a Honda civic 1.6. I got mine from Matts Auto Accessories 1-800-691-RACE. They have all kinds of performance parts!!

Can you put turbo on a automatic Honda civic?

You can put turbo on any transmission, it doesn't matter whether its auto or manul, just for manul you can really push out the maxium speed of the it

Is it illegal to put a Turbo and a Supercharger in your car?

As long as it passes emissions... in the USA, no. Most manufacturers have 50 state legal kits.

Can you take the turbo out of a 1.8t jetta and put it into a 2.0?

Well, you could. But it's going to take a lot of work. You'll need the intercooler and everything else that goes with the turbo. Plus you'll need software to tell the turbo what to do. Your best bet is to get a supercharger system for the 2.0. Several companies make them :) Check with C2 Motorsports or just google "mk4 golf 2.0 supercharger"

If you wanted to put a turbo into your civic sir which is v-tec 1.6 displacement would you have to remove the v-tec supercharger or can you run both and what would be the cost of this project?

There is no suck thing as a vtec supercharger. Vtec is hondas infamous variable valve timing system. Honda Civic SIRs dont have superchargers from the factory unless installed afterwards (ie. aftermarket such as the ones from Jackson Racing). If you have a supercharger installed, it is most likely that you wont be able to add a turbocharger unless you have all the money in the world because it will cost you a fortune to run both. You will run into many problems such as equalizing boost and intake plumbing.At one point in time, Volkswagen was testing an engine that was run by both turbo and supercharger but they abandoned the project because of the complexity and the cost to produce such an engine.

Can a turbo or supercharger fit in a 2008 dodge avenger and how much will it cost to put it into a AWD verison?

Anything is possible for enough money. Dodge never made a turbo or awd version so this would be very expensive.

How can you increase the output of diesel engine?

To increase the horsepower of a diesel engine you need to put either a turbo charger or a supercharger on it. Cold air intake will also help.

Can you put a crate engine in a 94 Chevy cavalier I am looking to make a sleeper... it has a bad transmission and figured i would just do both at the same time...?

i dont think it will fit im not positive but i would just put a turbo kit in or a supercharger kit in and fix the trans and put new heads in that can handle a nitro shot and put some nitrous in it i dont think it will fit im not positive but i would just put a turbo kit in or a supercharger kit in and fix the trans and put new heads in that can handle a nitro shot and put some nitrous in it

Can you put a supercharger and twin turbos on a 2008 Z06 Corvette?

Yes, you can put a supercharger and twin turbos on a 2008 ZO6 Corvette..

Can you put a supercharger on a stock engine?

You can put a supercharger on a stock engine it depends on how much boost you run wether your engine can handle it or not.

Could you put a supercharger on a Toyota t100?

Yes, on 1997 and 1998 only. TRD supercharger.

Is it possible to put a supercharger on a pocket bike?

You can put a supercharger on any engine. All a supercharger is, is an air compressor that forces air into the engine. If you can find a compressor small enough and figure out a why to hook it up, then you will be good to go.

Can you put a blow of valve on a stock engine?

can you install it yes. will it benefit you on a non turbocharged or supercharged car? No. A BOV vents any pressure above atmospheric pressure (the increased pressure fed buy a turbo or supercharger ie boost) when the throttle body closes in order to keep the air from flowing back to the turbo or supercharger and potentially damaging it. in a NA (naturally aspirated) engine there is no increase in pressure above atmosphere.

Can you fit a supercharger into a vw Golf 1.6 FSI?

yes you can put a supercharger on vw golf 1.6 fsi but you just gone have to make some modification on air intake and maby you gone have to put the throttle body before supercharger