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no you cant put tmobile sim card into a at&t phone- since it is a different company and provider the sims cards are toatlly different

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Q: Can you put a tmobile sims card in a at and t phone?
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Can you take your sim card out of your tmobile phone and put it in another tmobile phone?

yes it will still work.

Can you take a tmobile prepaid sim card and put it in any tmobile phone?


Do you have to have a phone with a sim card to use t-mobile service?

When you buy a tmobile phone it camoes with a sim card. If you already have a tmobile phone and break it you can buy a pre-paid phone and put your old sim card in it

Can you put an att card in an unlocked tmobile sidekick?

You can put any SIM card in an unlocked cell phone.

Can you put a tmobile sim card in a net10 phone?

yes but the phones has to be unlocked.

Can you take the sim card out of your straight talk phone and put it into your Android phone i want to take the sim card from my straight talk phone and put it my my tmobile mytouch android?

You can - but - it will only work if the t-mobile phone has been unlocked !

How do you put your Verizon account on a straight talk phone?

can i put my verizon sims card into a straight talk phone

How do you use a T-Mobile SIM card in an ATT phone?

you have to go online to buy a unlock code for the phone, once you have the unlock code you can put the sim card in and it will ask you for the code.if not you can buy a sim card holder that can convert your tmobile sim card into the at&t phone so you have use of the at&t phone, but with tmobile!get it?yes, you can. as long as your sim card will fit in the sim card slot.

Can you put a tmobile Sim card in a us cellular phone?

No...US Cellular is a CDMA and T Mobile is GSM. Incompatible.

Will a sidekick iD sim card work in a sidekick 3?

Yes you can. You can put any tmobile sim card into any tmobile or unlocked phone and it will work perfectly. Although you may need to add some features to your plan :)

Can you take your att sim card and put it in a tmobile nokia phone?

No, I've tried. You have to insert a special code. (3 tries and the phone locks down) You have to get another att phone.

Can you put an AT and T Sims card in a sprint phone?

No its at&t. If it were a sprint phone than yes. But not from two different companies.

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