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no you cant put tmobile sim card into a at&t phone- since it is a different company and provider the sims cards are toatlly different

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Do you have to have a phone with a sim card to use t-mobile service?

When you buy a tmobile phone it camoes with a sim card. If you already have a tmobile phone and break it you can buy a pre-paid phone and put your old sim card in it

Can you put an att card in an unlocked tmobile sidekick?

You can put any SIM card in an unlocked cell phone.

Can you put a tmobile sim card in a net10 phone?

yes but the phones has to be unlocked.

How do you use a T-Mobile SIM card in an ATT phone?

you have to go online to buy a unlock code for the phone, once you have the unlock code you can put the sim card in and it will ask you for the code.if not you can buy a sim card holder that can convert your tmobile sim card into the at&t phone so you have use of the at&t phone, but with tmobile!get it?yes, you can. as long as your sim card will fit in the sim card slot.

How do you put your Verizon account on a straight talk phone?

can i put my verizon sims card into a straight talk phone

What does SIM card error mean?

sims card error means your sim card is put in your phone wrong.

Can you put a tmobile Sim card in a us cellular phone?

No...US Cellular is a CDMA and T Mobile is GSM. Incompatible.

Will a sidekick iD sim card work in a sidekick 3?

Yes you can. You can put any tmobile sim card into any tmobile or unlocked phone and it will work perfectly. Although you may need to add some features to your plan :)

Can you take your att sim card and put it in a tmobile nokia phone?

No, I've tried. You have to insert a special code. (3 tries and the phone locks down) You have to get another att phone.

Can you use an ATT sim card with a non ATT phone?

Yes, but it has to be a phone that can accept the sim card, and it must be unlocked by the previous company. ex. if you have a tmobile phone you want to use, call tmobile and have it unlocked, then put your att sim in. It is not recommended though due to data services will generally not work. p.s. Iphones can not be unlocked by anyone.

Can you put an AT and T Sims card in a sprint phone?

No its at&t. If it were a sprint phone than yes. But not from two different companies.

Can you put your sim card in another phone and you can see your contact number?

Yes, you should be able to. Ofcourse, you would have to take the sims card that belongs in the other phone out.

Can you take your tmobile sim card and put it in a prepaid tmobile phone and it work on your plan?

Yes. if it is a tmobile sim card and a tmobile phone then this will definitely work. you will also be able to carry on with the same price plan and number you used before. If you currently have a Tmobile phone on a contract plan that is complete you can also just change your plan to a pre paid plan and keep on using the phone that you have. UPDATE: As of April 2012, TMobile prepaid phones may only connect to T Mobile towers, limiting your signal (since they also use ATT towers) and giving you varied signal strength depending on your location. So, it's best to unlock any prepaid phone. Ask T Mobile to send you the unlock code or pay someone to unlock your phone.

Can you put a net10 sims card int an ATT go phone?

AT&T should be able to give you an answer

What if your daughter lost her tmobile phone Can you buy a new sim card and put it in an old tmobile phone but still keep her number for the lost phone?

You can do this as long as the old phone works with the tMobile network (or is unlocked to work on both AT&T and tMobile). But you need to call tMobile to have them active the new SIM chip. Basically, they need to connect your daughter as a customer to the new SIM. You should be able to take your old phone into any tMobile store and they should do this for you. Cannot say if they will charge you a small activation fee but it should not require another 2 year contract. They may try to push a new phone on you for free or small price so they can lock you into a new 2 year plan.

How do you transfer phone contacts from your Dash to your Curve?

A person can transfer Sims cards from one phone to the next to transfer the contacts. A person can also transfer the contacts to a SD card, then put the SD card in the new phone and extract them.?æ

Can you use a Cingular Sim card in a t-mobile prepaid phone?

On some t-mobile phones you can use your cingular/at&t sims card,but on some phones after putting a t-mobile sims card in a cingular phone may cause the phone to lock up.....BUT u can unlock your phone by calling your network from another phone or logging on to your account on the internet(I PERFER CALLING YOUR NETWORK).You can also unlock it but putting another cingular sims card back in a cingluar phone then your phone should work correctly if still locked call your service provider but your t-mobile phone shouldn't get locked if u put a cingular sims card in it your phone should work perfectly fine but if not call u service provider.

When you put your sim card from your nextel sprint into an old tmobile phone it asks you for a subsidy Almost like a password. I do not know what a subsidy is.?

Actually it is a password that tmobile has to give you bcuz it is one of there phones just call tmobile and ask to talk to tech and explain that you got a tmobile phone and ur trying to make it a different company and you need the subsidy password and they are required to give it to you!! Not true, cell phone companys are not required to give it to you. Be careful, this will ruin the sim and you will lose all your contacts that are saved to it. Actually, cell phone companys do not have the subsidy lock, I work for one of them and we get this call all the time. The subsidy lock is from the manufactorer of the phone not the cell phone company.

Can you transfer phone numbers from a Tmobile sim card to an ATT cell phone?

YES, you can. IF you have an unlocked code for your at&t phone with T-mobile service. If you don't have an unlocked code, go to your local at&t store and they will unlock it for you, And, you won't lose any information with your T-mobile plan when you put your T-mobile Sim card on your at&t phone.

Can you take your old sims card put it in your new phone and add a memory card to get your pictures and songs off of it?

You can - provided either the new phone is unlocked (not tied to a specific network) or both phones are on the same network.

How can you use an AT and T Samsung Infuse 4g on TMobile?

call customer care and see if the device is eligible to be unlocked, if it is they will give you a code to put in your phone and tell you the steps to unlock the phone from att's network. then your tmobile sim will work in it.

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