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I'm pretty sure you can as long as your phone is unlocked then yes!

I hope I could help :)

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Does Virgin Mobile sell the LG Xenon?

Sorry, not they dont, but if you buy one no contract from bell, and then switch it to virgin, you will have the xenon with virgin!...thats what I did

What should you do if you get a really high phone bill and you haven't done anything?

Thats jacked up i would file a complaint and not use there service anymore i recommend virgin mobile or sprints prepaid plan its cheaper and has good signal

What happenes to unwanted mobile phones?

Basically, This is a huge advantage for mobile phone companies because all they really want from recycled mobile phone's are the components. This can save save them millions because, Mobile phone recycle firms are funded by the government and then parts are sold to the mobile phone companies who then re-uses the material to design new mobile phones. Thats the proccess really.... Hope you Liked my Answer! xXx

How many people in England are mobile phone owners?

Ofcom the Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries states that 91% of the UK population are mobile phone users.Thats about 55 million people.

What are the names of all the phone companies?

some phone companies T-mobile Sprint Verizon MetroPCS AT&T Boost Mobile and fried butt cheeks thats phone-o-cinthisis butt butt fart fart Hope it's useful

Has the use of mobile phones become an addiction?

It depends on how much the person is on their mobile phone- if it it all day every day then you are addicted, but if its only an hour a day/week then thats fine.

When a virgin has her period does it hurt more then a girl who not a virgin?

Thats a stupid question. it hurts the same, being a virgin does not affect the pain.

What is the worst mobile phone network in the UK on and pay and talk?

This question is asking for an opinion. Please feel free to add your own, but do not blank any previous answers. Thats easy T mobile are useless

What are some major landmarks in virginia?

a guy or a girl thats a virgin

What is a brick phone?

A phone thats really thick like a brick

What hardware do you install to charge your phone?

Thats a stupid question. You have a charger and thats its purpose.

Why did Mother Mary called the Blessed Virgin Mary?

She was called blessed because she had Jesus which is a pretty special thing but she was a virgin so thats where her names come from.

What is the best phone from rowretailers com?

I need a phone thats not to expensive and works with the Goverment progams

Can a ATI Radeon HD 6950 work on a laptop?

There are regular graphics cards, then there are mobile ones for laptops and such. Thats a review of the mobile one

What are the department codes for club penguin?

There are some I know and here I go DJUBBILE HPHONES FILMSTAR Thats all I know and unlocked.

Where can you buy a cheap touch screen phone?

well i dont know where cuz there is a lot of chep phone i have a verizon phone and it was pertty chep i got it for my 10 birthday june11 2002 i love my phone but it is not touch screen it just has a kebord ethire try verizon criket t-mobile thats the best phone places and it depense what kind of phone it really is if its a chep phone or a phone that cost a lot of money sooo yeah there is your answer good luck

How do you jailbreak my cell phone?

paying someone to jailbreak it. thats how

Can you drink the water in the US virgin island?

yes and no i cant tell you the because but thats all i know

How do you unlock my phone if forgot pattern password and Google account?

reset the phone well at least thats what I had to do

How do you format Nokia N80?

Just press *#7370# it will ask u "Restore all original phone setting? phone will restart." yes or no press left soft key then it will ask u "Lock code" enter ur code then ur mobile will restart thats alll

Can you damage phone if overcharge a phone?

No you can't....i charge my phone over night so thats like ten hours of charging my phone when it only needs about an hour.

Is shailene woodley a virgin?

no she lost it to her co-star Just because she did it in the show doznt mean it happened in real life its called acting people and who cares about if she is a virgin or not thats her business not ours

Do Ariana grande still virgin?

No,she not a virgin anymore.because she made a song 'Best Mistakes' thats mean she ever having sex with someone else. But i still love her

What is a phone hobbyists?

a phone hobbyists are people who are addicted to their phone for their whole life and it also means that thats their hobby as in for examle, my friends hobby is soccer .

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