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Can you put a windows 98 hard drive in a XP computer and use it as a second drive?


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Yes you can. You can use is as a slave drive. There's nothing to worry if you have windows 98 installed on the HD.


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The hard drive stores the Operating System. Like for example : Windows XP or Windows Vista or even Windows 7 without the hard drive your computer will not turn on.

If you have music on the computer, it is already on the hard drive, everything that is on your windows operation system is on the hard drive.

It's called dule boot, you want to partition your hard drive in half, or how ever big you want them to be then you install your first windows on the first part of your hard drive, then you do the same thing but install it to the second hard drive.

The type of hard drive depends on the computer, not the operating system.

When you buy a new Windows XP computer, in what unit is the size of a typical hard drive measured?

In our old computer I put a SEAGATE 500 gig External Hard Drive. The computer was windows XP Is it a working chance to use the external hard drive From The system i first installed it.

As long as they use the same data connector, yes. However, you will likely not be able to use the hard drive, as Windows XP will not usually work when transferred to another computer, and Windows Me cannot read the NTFS file system. Reinstalling Windows XP or formatting the hard drive in Windows Me will resolve these respective issues.

No a second hard drive is only optional if you want more storage space then you can buy one and set it as the slave hard drive The Master hard drive is what has the OS on it if you have no clue what a OS is I will tell you. The OS is the Operating System the computer is running for ex. Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux and many others.

I use a Windows 7 HDD drive in my home computer. It is fast, and reliable.

Yes, you can remove a hard drive from an older computer, place it in a new computer, and format it. Simply formatting it will leave it with no operating system, and thus useless in the Windows 98 computer. Installing Windows 98 to the drive from in your new computer may be difficult if your computer exceeds 512 MB of RAM, or if you use a SATA CD/DVD drive. Installing Windows XP to the drive might not work when placed back into the older computer if it doesn't meet XP's system requirements.

the hard drive is the main drive because it has all your windows information in it.

It depends on what type of computer you have, but generally, yes. If you have a desktop computer and it has a single hard drive, then more than likely it has a second slot inside where you can add a second hard drive. There will already be an IDE cable inside that allows you to hook the second hard drive up to your computer. If you have a laptop, then you probably can't add a second internal hard drive because there is not room in the case. However, you can add an external hard drive. These are small self-contained units that connect to your computer with a USB cable and allow you to store additional information.

Hard drives for windows and OSX vary in size and model, check or ask about your computer brand. You can also check in My Computer (for Windows) or Macintosh Disk (for Mac OSX).

The hard drive has the windows files on it which in turn helps the CPU indentify the windows version.

Yes, just format your Hard Drive and install a fresh copy of Windows.

What does the computer hard drive do?

Usually Windows is installed on the C:/ drive of your compuer. Press WINLOGO+E to see your hard drives

usually a second hard drive, flash drive, external hard drive, networked computer, DVD whatever isn't on the primary hard drive

If you add an additional HD to your computer, the second drive becomes the slave drive because the computer must boot from the Master drive

The important step when installing a second PATA hard drive in a computer is that it must be compatible. Power must be switched off as well.

Windows XP does not "have" a hard drive. The hard drive is a part of the computer, not Windows XP. Windows XP supports only IDE drives natively, although OEMs can also include drivers to support SATA drives.

my computer--->manage->computer management ---->select drive drive and right click delete partition

Connect the drive to your computer, open Windows Explorer, locate the drive. Right click -> properties.

The hard drive is the amount of memory that your computer has.

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