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Can you put action replay on a SD card and use it on the dsi?

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yes you can download ar and put it on a ds or 3ds any one works I tryied to too

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the action replay dsi has a micro SD card slot so you can put homebrew games/apps on it.

If you have an Action Replay DSi, you can place the game into the slot in the back. If you have a regular Action Replay DS, you have to take out the Action Replay and put in the game.Hope that helps!

With the action replay DS and/or the Action Replay DSi, you stick it in the slot where the DS game would be and put the DS game card in the slot in the action replay. But you should be careful wit husing the DSi peripheral because there have been complaints of losses of system data and other things of the latter on the DSi because of using the device.

you put your game in the action replay then put it in your ds, dsi, or dsi XL

the dsi doesnt take action replays sorry

Your game is probably not programmed into the Action Replay, try looking up how to program it.

If you mean the Action Replay card itself, then it depends, if you have a DS action replay, you may be able to take it out, the DSi action replay will not work. If you do want to do this on your DS action replay put the game you want to cheat on in the action replay, then turn on action replay and once you get to the page full of that specific game's cheats, close your DS, take out the action replay card, take out the game your using, and put it in the DS, when you open it up, it should still let you scroll through cheats, add cheats, etc. (Again, this doesn't work on the DSi action replay, and this may or may not work, they might've fixed the card, I got mine a while back.)

an action replay is a cartridge that you can put in your DSI/DS and insert your game that you would like to download cheats into

The action replay will break if you put the r4 into action.It happen to me before.

you can put it in but when youturn it on to play with the action replay it doesnt work therfor it does not work on dsi

It doesn't work.Your gonna have to get the dsi action replay coming out 9/08/09 @ Toys' R Us & Gamestop.

Yes it can, it also works for 3DS and it works for DSI, you just need to insert it into your game slot, you must now turn your DS/DSI on and when prompted remove the action replay card and for you, put your Pokemon Platinum game inside. It should now give you a code list, they are good codes too. Hope this helped.

If it is being transferred from an Action Replay DS to an Action Replay DSi, using the same version of the game, the same codes will work. I used to have both, and I find that my codes from Pokemon: Explorers of Time still works on my Action Replay DSi, even though I originally put them on my Action Replay. You just have to enter the code correctly, and know how to activate it (auto-activate, L+R, etc.). Then it will work.

You put it in the usual card slot and put your ds game in the action replay then press play game and it will take you to the action replay screen

Yes, You can. But i did not find any sites yet.

the action replay should have a chip (that is the same size as a dsi game chip), and you have to put it in like a normal game. And on top of that chip, there will be a slot to put in a game chip, so put any game in there. When you turn the dsi on, the action replay activator will be in the game slot, so click on that. And then there will be a list of various dsi games, and you will have to find the one that is in the action replay slot. After you click on the name of the game chip, there will be different codes for different things in the game. You can also add codes by clicking add codes in the left hand top corner.

im said that to ive triedevrey thing youre going to have buy a new one

You mean the difference of Action Replay DS and Action Replay DS EZ? Well, the main part is that the regular version is a version where you insert game into the Action Replay. EZ version is a version where you load the codes, take the Action Replay out, and put the game in. Here are some risks: Action Replay DS: Very big risk of freezing gameplay (Game freezes because Action Replay bumps into something (But not a big risk about breaking Action replay) Action Replay DS EZ: My own Experience: NEVER TAKE ACTION REPLAY DS EZ OUT WHILE SAVING!!!!! I DID, AND NOW WHENEVER I LOAD MY CODES, THE TOUCH SCREEN GOES ALL RED AND BLUE. You must want one of those. If you buy one and you have a DSI, Action Replay DS and Action Replay DS EZ won't work on DSI. I recommend Action Replay DSI. It works in DS, DS Lite, and DSI.

go to codes on action replay and select enter new codes

The Action Replay gives lots some of the games can`t be used, anyway you put a game that can be used, put the action replay in slot 1 in your ds or dsi, turnon you`r ds or dsi and it gives you some starter cheats that might help you in you`r game, you can also go online and type in the code

The Action Replay can be used by putting it into your DS game slot, and starting up your Nintendo DS. Note: Action Replay DS will NOT work with the Nintendo DSi The Action Replay gets placed in the game slot. Your game gets put in the slot on TOP of the action replay. After this, start up your DS, and the action replay program will start automatically. Action Replay DS will ONLY work for DS games on the DS System. However, you can get a more updated DSI Action Replay and it will work on a DS. DSI Action Replays do not work for Gameboy games. (DSI's do not have Gameboy slots.) Hope this helps.

put in your code manager disc and download the software

you just turn them on when you start ds ar or dsi ar

After Action Replay is loaded, you can take the game card out. Then, you will be able to use it's features without the action replay game card (you usually put in the game you wish to hack) * This is wrong, I mean that take the game card out and still have action replay in the ds but without the game card while playing a game.