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No its at&t. If it were a sprint phone than yes. But not from two different companies.

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Can you put a tmobile sims card in a at and t phone?

no you cant put tmobile sim card into a at&t phone- since it is a different company and provider the sims cards are toatlly different

Can you take your sim card out of an at and t phone and put it in a sprint phone?

I don't think sprint phones even use sim cards. So no.

How do you put your Verizon account on a straight talk phone?

can i put my verizon sims card into a straight talk phone

Can a sprint phone use boost mobile SD card?

I have a lg sprint phone and my boy friend has a boost mobile bt it dose nt work can he use his sd card frm the boost mobile to put it in the sprint phn

What does SIM card error mean?

sims card error means your sim card is put in your phone wrong.

Can you put a boost mobile sim card into a sprint phone?

Yes, you can. And I know from experience. I used a boost mobile card on two different sprint phones, and one nextel.

Can you put your sim card in another phone and you can see your contact number?

Yes, you should be able to. Ofcourse, you would have to take the sims card that belongs in the other phone out.

Can you put a net10 sims card int an ATT go phone?

AT&T should be able to give you an answer

Does any sprint store offer the sprint air card?

Yes, Sprint actually does offer a laptop internet card called the Sprint Air Card. It's a prepaid internet card that you put in your computer,and you can pick up internet.

If you file a claim at asurion over a lost phone and say you have a different model phone then you have how will they know that the phone you put is not your phone?

The phone you put where? For Sprint phones, Asurion only replaces the phone that is currently on the account. Since there aren't any SIM cards in Sprint phones, when you want to switch phones, you have to do an ESN swap, instead of pulling out the SIM card and putting it into a different phone.

Can you take sim card out of sprint phone and put in att phone?

No Sprint is a CDMA network. AT&T is a GSM network. Only GSM networks use simcards. Other wise though you can switch sim cards between GSM networks if your phone is unlocked.

Can you activate a phone with Verizon that is not a Verizon phone?

yes if you have a iPhone with at&t . the way to switch iPhone carriers is take the iPhone sim card out and put a t moilble sim card or Verizon or sprint or boost moilble or whatever phone company

How do you put music on a cell phone?

depends on what phone you have and what service..(sprint?..ext.)

Can you put your sim card in a lost or stolen nextel phone?

If the phone was reported lost or stolen, it cannot be activated again. Sprint/Nextel has it listed and the serial number has been flagged and it will not allow that phone to be activated.

How do you transfer phone contacts from your Dash to your Curve?

A person can transfer Sims cards from one phone to the next to transfer the contacts. A person can also transfer the contacts to a SD card, then put the SD card in the new phone and extract them.?æ

Can you use a Cingular Sim card in a t-mobile prepaid phone?

On some t-mobile phones you can use your cingular/at&t sims card,but on some phones after putting a t-mobile sims card in a cingular phone may cause the phone to lock up.....BUT u can unlock your phone by calling your network from another phone or logging on to your account on the internet(I PERFER CALLING YOUR NETWORK).You can also unlock it but putting another cingular sims card back in a cingluar phone then your phone should work correctly if still locked call your service provider but your t-mobile phone shouldn't get locked if u put a cingular sims card in it your phone should work perfectly fine but if not call u service provider.

Can you take your old sims card put it in your new phone and add a memory card to get your pictures and songs off of it?

You can - provided either the new phone is unlocked (not tied to a specific network) or both phones are on the same network.

Can you use an unlocked phone on sprint pcs cellular?

You cannot put an unlocked device on Sprint. You also cannot unlock a Sprint phone. I use the term "Sprint on Sprint only" meaning Sprint phones for sprint service, and no one else may use Sprint phones. **** Not true. You can unlock sprint phones and use them with other carriers.

How does a unlocked palm treo work?

Just like any other unlocked phone, a unlocked treo basically is not limited to a particular mobile carrier. For example, a phone locked by Sprint can only work on the Sprint network. If you put a SIM card from, say Verizon into the phone, it will theoretically not be able to make calls or send and receive messages. No such restriction is present on an unlocked phone.

Can you put a boost SIM card in a Verizon phone?

You can put a Boost Mobile SIM card in a Verizon phone, but it won't work.

Does sprint charge to locate your phone?

no it doesnt only if you don't take it off in 15 days,then its 20 dollars. its easy just grab a family member's phone and put the sprint family locater on,on the internet on sprint website and that's it!

How do you hide your number with a sprint phone?

You enter *67 before you put the number you are dialing.

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