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It all really depends if the pick guard is 8 or 11 screw config. It might but it might not

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What is better a fender squier or a fender stratocaster?

it depends if your a beginner i would go with the squier because the stratocaster is more advanced

Do Squier P-Basses and Fender P-Basses have the same pickguard?

Because Fender owns and makes Squier. You should know that.

When will the Rock Band 3 Fender Stratocaster controller come out?

The Fender Squier Stratocaster controller was released on March 1st, 2011.

How do you date a fender squier stratocaster?

Either take it into a Local music shop or go on Google and look up Fender Squier Strat serial numbers and punch in the number for instance with my 1994 Fender Mexican Stratocaster i would go on Google type in "fender Mexican stratocaster serial numbers" and it would pull up a Fender.com and i would look since mine is MN352234 I would look for "MN3+ 5 digits1993-1994" and i would find out that my guitar is either a 1993 or 1994 Fender Mexican Stratocaster Hope this helps Jesse Craig.

What kind of guitar is a Squier Strat?

A Squier Strat guitar is an electric guitar in the Stratocaster family made by the famous guitar manufacturer 'Fender' - it comes with USB and iOS connectivity.

What is the difference between a fender squier and a stratocaster?

They're basicially the same but have different pickups and strings. The sound is probably different too.

Can humbuckers fit a fender squier?

yes, you can reaplace the pickguard to fit humbuckers but there are also humbuckers at the size of a single coil pickup like the Seymour duncan hot rails.

Will a Fender Squier Jagmaster fit in a Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster case?

Yes, Fender owns and makes Squier. It's like Gibson and Epiphone.

You want to start playing guitar which guitar would you recommend?

A Squier Stratocaster is a fairly versatile guitar and is not too difficult to play.It depends on what style of music you want to play but you cannot rewally go wrong with a stratocaster. If you can afford a Fender strat then that would be nicer to play than a Squier and should stay in tune better too.

What famous guitar company manufactures the Squier guitar?

A Squier guitar is manufactured by the famous Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The Fender Squier range of guitars was initially introduced in 1982.

Is a fender star caster better then a fender squier?

Starcasters tend to come with odder parts and are made out of cheaper materials. So in the end it actually depends on what Squier model you want. Most of the time Squier > Starcaster

What year was squier stratocaster serial E 806075 made?

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squier this one would have been made in 1988.

What companies do fender guitars own?

Besides Fender, they own the Squier and Jackson brand names.

Can you put Seymour duncan alnicopro 2 humbuckers on a squier bullet stratocaster?

Yes it is possible to do so. There are a few ways of achieving this, the easiest way being to buy a new pickguard routed for humbuckers (either Humbucker-Humbucker or Humbucker-Single-Humbucker). A good place a new pickguard to get on is on guitarfetish.com. An other way is to route your current pickguard, but do not recommend this as it is much more risky. I also recommend getting the wireing done by a professional if you do not have experience in the domain. Nevertheless, the wireing diagrams can be found on seymourduncan.com .

Is Gibson better than squire?

Yes. Much better. In my opinion, Gibson is the best guitar brand. Squier, is a part of fender and generally speaking, Squier guitars are not as good as fender.

What types of electric guitars should a beginner use?

The Fender American Stratocaster comes highly recommended for beginners. They sound smooth and have a thinner neck. Epiphone makes a Les Paul style guitar designed specifically for beginners. Squier and Yamaha also make for a good starter guitar.

What are Stratocasters?

Stratocasters are electric guitars made by Fender. They are mostly used in rock music, but can be used in many other genres. Fenders are not only made by Fender, but also by Squier. Squier is a company by Fender, but they make their products in Mexico, and not in California.

When was your fender squier made serial number S986087?

I'm pretty sure it means that your Squier is the 986, 087th guitar of that model made. The S might stand for Squier

Which is a better bass starcaster or squier?

Squier is better than Starcaster. Both are cheaper versions of the more expensive Fender guitars.

Is a fender squier good for beginners?

Yes definently, when i started out guitaring i had a fender squier and i thought it was brilliant to be honest. Even though its a cheaper more affordable version of a real fender i think its a great starting guitar i have a fender jaguar now and i remembered selling my squier i felt pretty sad haha but i would definently recommend it to beginners it is a cheap price for a good guitar

Who owns Jackson guitar company?

Fender does and fender only own fender, jackson, and squier might own more but dont know

What types of guitars are available from Squier?

Squier is the manufacturer of high end guitars that are frequently used by recording artists and are branded additionally with the names Fender and Fender Strat. The range includes acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

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