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Can you put an Automatic climate control on 2001 Accord 2dr LX that didn't come with Auto climate?



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You can install just about anything on a car if you want to spend enough money, but there are a few reasons why changing from manual to automatic climate control would probably be costly and not worth the trouble or expense.

First, it's probably not possible at all unless the Accord model you have was available with auto climate control as an option or as part of a package. If the option was not available on your Accord, the dashboard parts (selector knob, temperature control, etc.) will not be available to fit your car.

Second, all of the parts are going to be dealer-only items, and you'll be paying a per-part price for something that normally comes as a system. (If you had bought your whole Accord a part at a time that way, it'd probably have cost $100,000.)

Third, you're asking for trouble to have the whole dashboard torn down and put back together. It'd be a miracle not to have more creaks, rattles and other noises. This is not a criticism of mechanics -- whenever you take something made mostly or entirely of plastic apart and put it back together, it's not likely to fit together quite as well.