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Can you put blue Headlights in a Honda accord 1996?


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Headlight bulbs other than clear are illegal in all states.

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Yes it’s a 2001 Honda Accord v6 engine

There are many reviews online regarding the 2004 Honda Accord. Kelly Blue Book has many reviews and average prices. Also, the Honda website has reviews as well.

Up front left side by radiator, blue cap

The horn relay in a 1995 Honda Accord is located in the interior of the car. Underneath the radio on the driver's side there should be a small rectangle with wires attached to it. The wires are white/yellow, blue/red, light green/blue, and black.

Fifteen amps on the Lighter. They're usually the blue ones with '15A' on them.

The coolant temperature sensor on a 1998 Honda Accord is located next to the thermostat housing. The sensor has a blue clip located on the right side of the engine compartment.

One can find the following sources for reviews for the 2010 Honda Accord: Cars, Yahoo Autos, Edmunds, The Car Connection, Kelley Blue Book, Cars, Motor Trends, Car Buyer.

The approximate value of a 2002 Honda Accord in good condition with 100,000 miles is $2,635. To obtain an exact value, more specific information about the vehicle is needed.

On the fuse box under the dash. The blue box is the ICU.

normally the blue and red wires are hot white is standaed for nutral,

1994-97 Honda Accords have the data link connector neatly clipped directly under the glove box and the connector is blue.

Change it every 5 years or 60,000 miles whichever come first.

Although it would depend on the shape of the vehicle, a 1993 Honda Accord according to Kelly Blue Book, would sell for around 1,478.00. That is for a vehicle in excellent shape so if you have a car in the "fair" range it would only sell for 828.00.

You can put blue film over your headlights but you can not change the lights to be blue. It is illegal. Only emergency vehicles can have blue or red lights.

behind the ash tray and there a blue connector under the glove to pull the codes manually

It is illegal to have any light that oscillates or revolves in yellow, red or blue. If your blue headlights don't do those things then you are good to go.

Yes, blue headlights are illegal in Florida but the law is not commonly enforced. Any type of blue lights on a vehicle are illegal in Florida.

My '96 Honda Accord has an OBD2 connector behind the center dash ash tray, as well as the Blue connector under the right (passenger side) glove box.

it's under the glove box [behind] to the far right [blue].

According to Kelley blue Book, a 1996 Honda Civic DX in good condition with 100,000 miles is worth $1,395.

There are several types of oil leak sealant for a 1992 Honda Accord. A few of the sealants that can be used are Bar Leak's seal repair, Lucas Oil, and Blue Devil oil leak sealant.

"Should be a blue connector under the glove box, it's in my 96 and works, so I don't believe they removed the connector in OBDII"

If you buy blue xenon bulbs they are easily fittable to headlights on most car designs. Any mechanic should be able to do it or you can also do it yourself. If you take it to a mechanic bring the bulbs with you.

It all depends on the milage of the car and what kind of condition it is in. I can not answer this question with out more specific knowledge of the car. The kelley blue book website has an engine where you can configure all the data and find out. Sorry.

Animals' eyes show up different colors in headlights. A deer might have green or blue eyes in the light of the headlights. Cats can show up different colors also, ranging from a bright yellow, to blue or green. Opossum eyes are usually red in headlights.

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