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No because if you put a baby mouse/mice with adults they would think it's FOOD! Trust me, I had a baby field mouse and I put it in the cage with the adults and it was gone soon.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-19 21:50:29
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Q: Can you put male baby mice in with adult males?
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Do adult male mice kill baby mice?

it is more likely for adult male mice to attack baby mice if there are two male mice. There have been studies done showing that when mice receive sunlight, the males will not kill/eat the babies. You should place your mice in a room that gets plenty of natural light. However, it's best to keep your mice out of direct sunlight, especially if they are kept in a terrarium/aquarium as it can overheat.

Are black mice males?

Well not all black mice are males that is very frequent to find a black mice was a male

Does a dad care for baby mice?

Male mice will not care for the baby mice but they will eat the babies.

When do you separate the male mice from the females?

Do you mean baby mice? Baby female/male mice can start mating at about 6 weeks, and you are safe to separate them from there mother at 4 weeks, so the ideal time to separate them is about 5 weeks. If you mean 'when should you separate adult mice female/male' You should always have them separate unless you want them to mate.

What do you feed 1 week old baby mice?

1 week old baby mice will not eat hard food. At this age they are still drink their mother's milk. Keep the babies with the mom for at least 3 weeks, soon you will notice the babies will start nibbling on the hard food you feed your adult mice. By this time you may remove the babies and separate boys and girls, but DO NOT put any males in with other adult male mice. Hope that helps.

Can the male mouse feed the baby mice?


Can you keep baby male mice together?

yes you can

Stages of growth in baby mice?

pinkies, fuzzies, crews, adult.

What size are baby guinea pigs?

They are about the size of adult mice, but some are smaller.

Why do adult male mice of the same litter fight?

hierarchy in the family (pecking order).

Which type of mice is the best for a pet?

The best type of mice is the Fancy female mice, you must get 2 for healthy pets they are nicer than males and don't smell as bad as the fancy male mice.

Does mice fight?

Yes. Particularly males. Females get along much better than males do, so it's wiser to keep a grou pf 3-4 females together. Males should live alone, though you can have adult males with 3-4 week old baby boys. This creates a colony.

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