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generally,a personal vehicle is regitered (tagged) in the name of the owner shown on the vehicle's title. if her name is on the title,you can supply the funds to register but it will be in HER name. (same goes for insurance,policy will be in named owner shown on title.) a possible solution might be to re-title the vehicle in BOTH your names,your DMV or an auto insurance agent can tell you what the laws allow in your state.

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Q: Can you put tags on your daughter vehicle?
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You are borrowing your moms car the tags are expired but they have been purchased but not sent to you yet are the tags on record?

The technicalities vary from State to State, but... Generally, until the valid, current tags are physically attached to the vehicle, it is illegal to drive the vehicle. Put another way, the tags are generally not considered valid (even if they're paid in full) until they are actually put on the vehicle itself.

Do you need title for car to get tags?

No. Everyone that need tags for a vehicle do not own the car. You only get the title if you own the vehicle. You will, however, need your registration.

What is the purpose of temporary tags for vehicles?

To show your vehicle is street legal while waiting for permanent tags.

Where do you put the title tags?

In web designing you place them between the head tags

Is there a fine or can you car be impounded if driving with expired tags but registration is current?

If the registration card is current, and, it matches the tags on the car, you MAY get off with a warning but if not, the most you SHOULD receive is a ticket for 'displaying expired tags.' Unless something else is going on that is not disclosed in the question, (e.g.- the tags on the vehicle are NOT the tags assigned to it) they shouldn't be wanting to impound the vehicle .

Can a lien holder stop you from registering your vehicle for tags if you have defaulted on the loan?

They have a vested interest in the vehicle. Their lien can prevent you from registering the vehicle.

How do you cancel my vehicle tags?

i dont know ask ur dad

If the car was impounded What is done with the tags?

Normally, they'll remain with the vehicle.

How much are 30 day tags for a vehicle in Cleveland Ohio?


How do you get tags for a new vehicle in New Jersey?

Go to the dmv with your title

Can you haul freight with farm tags?

No. A vehicle operating with farm tags cannot serve as a third party, for-hire carrier. Activities of a registered farm vehicle are restricted to activities of that farm only.

How do you get your car tags from dealer?

Dealers only normally put you plates on if they are transferred form another vehicle. But some will register the car for you and put the plates on. It's pretty much a given thing anymore that they do.

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