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Can you put the expensive gas in your gas scooter?

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It all depends on the type of scooter you have, but your best bet would be to check your manual and look what octane ratings can be used for your scooter. The premium gas at most American Gas Satations is 93 octane.

yes you can run your scooter on the higher octane gas i run my scooter on hygorgenpuroxide the stuff u put in cuts but put more oil in the mix that will give u a realy big kick

Running a scooter on higher octane will not increase your performance. Higher octane fuel is normally used in fancy cars because it is less likely to cause backfires because it needs more compression to ignite it.

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What is the most expensive scooter in the world?

There is not really a most expensive scooter because many people put lots and lots of different accessories on it.

Does it cost more to drive a gas scooter or an electric scooter?

There is a big difference in the performance between a gas scooter and an electric scooter. A gas scooter has a lot more power and can reach higher speeds than an electric scooter. That being said, the cost to drive an electric scooter is cheaper than gas.

Which is better an electric or gas scooter?

a gas scooter it will go faster than an electric.

What is the most expensive kick scooter?

a dj street pro is the best scooter ever NOT stay clear of that there isn't a most expensive one because they a genrally costom scooters that are to expensive

No owners manuel what kind of gas to put in a 150cc scooter?

On my 150 cc Honda scooter, I just use 91 octane gas from the station. Also, if it is a 2 stroke, then you will need to put oil in the oil tank, But most 150 cc scooters are 4 strokes, which don't require this.

How good are district scooter decks?

fairly strong, lightest scooter deck on the market not very expensive

How much are your gas scooters?

How much does your gas scooter cost?

What does the clamp on a kick scooter do?

The clamp on a scooter gets put on the wheel

Gas scooter 49cc Georgia do you have to have a license to ride on the roads?

can u ride a 49cc gas scooter on the road without Georgia operatator licences

Do you need a license for a gas scooter in Victoria?

no u do not need a license for a electric gas or petrol scooter actually I'm 100% sure that if your petrol or gas scooter is under 50cc is aloud to be ridden with no license needed in Australia china japan Mongolia and others......

Can you convert a gas scooter to electric scooter?

Simply put, Yes, but will require putting a bit of money into it, and possibly would cost around or a bit more than just buying one that's already like that.

How do gopeds work?

A go-ped is simply a stand up scooter with a motor, be it gas or electric. In the case of a gas scooter, the motor has to be running, throttle engages and power is put to the rear wheel via chain or belt, thus moving forward, at your own risk of course, lol.

What parts are involved in converting electric scooter to gas?

Exchanging an electric scooter into a gas-powered scooter generally involves replacing the whole of the engine to a gas-powered engine. The only exception is a gas-powered fuel cell, which maintains the scooter's electric usage, but uses a fuel cell to generate the electricity.

How do you delimit a gas scooter?

ask someone who knows.

What kind of oil in 50 cc 2 stroke scooter?

2 stroke oil. Try to get some synthetic oil, it's a little more expensive, but gives your scooter more progress and a lot longer life. Dont get the cheap gas station ones, they are a waste, and will tear up your engine. 2 stroke oil. Try to get some synthetic oil, it's a little more expensive, but gives your scooter more progress and a lot longer life. Dont get the cheap gas station ones, they are a waste, and will tear up your engine.

Why is there no gear change level on a scooter?

Because there is no need to. Why put gears on a scooter if you push not pedal?!

What is the most expensive stunt scooter?

probably a phoenix volcano custom pro

Scooter put a pin in Midway Island?

Scooter put a pin in Midway Island is a homework assignment in Grand Island. See link below.

Do you need a licence to ride a 49cc gas scooter in South Dakota?

You do need a license to ride a 49cc gas scooter in South Dakota. You do not need a motorcycle license, however.

Is a 33cc gas powered scooter legal to drive in wisconsin?

I live in Schofield, WI and yes it is illegal to drive a gas powered scooter on the streets. Even an electric scooter is illegal.

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