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Can you put the factory rims from a 2000 Corvette on a 1984 Corvette?

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2007-03-14 22:35:17

technically, yes if you bought an adapter if it needed one to

begin with but if you have the car and the rims try it...i dont

know if they havve the same amount of lugs tho...but im 16 what do

i know 2nd opinion: Yes. I'm not too sure what ^^ is talking about

with the adapter but, measurements will need to be taken. The

obvious new tires with the rims will need to be bought because of

the 84 rims being 255/50/16 I believe, and the 2000 rims could be

whatever you want. Besides that, the hub in which the rims sit on

needs to be the same size to spec, as well as if the rims are going

to be offset (yes for the rear, and not so much for the front since

it messes up your camber, toe, etc.)

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