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Can you put two female Parakeets in the same cage?

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Yes, you can. However, they have to be compatible. Female keets can be ruthless toward each other, so watch them for trouble and separate them at the first sign of serious fighting. Yes you can. It depends on the birds. Female budgerigars can be very aggressive and territorial. If you plan on getting two females, you should make sure that you have the resources to keep them in separate cages if it becomes necessary. Two females may get along better in a large aviary situation where there are multiple birds of both sexes.

2009-07-22 22:12:06
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Why do female parakeets fight male parakeets when put in the same cage?

Because they want to see who is dominant

Can you put two male parakeets in the same cage with a female?

You can't put two males in with a female or else they will fight for the female parakeet and one of the male parakeets can die because they will fight

Can you put male and female parakeets together in a cage long term?

I would like to know the same.

I have two male parakeets can I put them in the same cage?

Yes, Parakeets love to have company in their cage, two mail parakeets would be fine together.

Can you put two male parakeets into a cage with two female parakeets?

No because the two males might fight over witch female they get

Can you put young parakeets in the same cage with older parakeets?

Young parrots of any breed can be placed in the same cage as older parrots, but ensure that the cage is big enough to hold more birds.

Can two parakeets be in the same cage?

Yes, i have 4 parakeets in a cage. First put them in 2 seperate cages next to each other to get used to one another for a few days. then you can put them together in one cage.

Can you put 7 parakeets in same cage?

Most definantly! You could put a thousand in and it would ok! Parakeets are very social. Just make sure you have a big enough cage.......or an aviary!

Can you put 2 male and 2 female parakeets together in one cage?

yes its true im a scientist

Can you put two male parakeets in same cage?

I have no problem with my two male parakeets in the same cage. Peppy (a male) came to live with me first. I went to the pet store to buy a female parakeet, Tika......who turned out to be male as well. They just love each other and are great friends. Beware of a lot of preening going on however!

How do I keep my parakeets from fighting?

put them in separate cages and don't let them out at the same time out of their cage until they get along

Can you put quaker parrots and parakeets in the same cage?

No, Quakers can be very territorial and will nip other, smaller birds........

Can you put a male and female hamster in the same cage?


Can you put two female gerbils in the same cage?

only if there sisters

Is it OK to have two winter white dwarf hamsters in the same cage?

NO! If you put them in the same cage they could fight and one of them could end up killing the other. But if its a male and a female and you want to breed them you should make sure the female is in season by smelling her fur. If the fur has a very strong urine odor then she is in season and is ready to mate. ONLY put the female in the MALES cage or the female could kill the male if the male is put into her cage. Only put the female in the males cage for about 20 minutes.

There is 2 female hamsters at the pet store and I want both of them Can I keep them in the same cage?

No because if you put them in the same cage they will fight with each other. It is best if you keep one in each cage. Unless they are dwarf hamsters. Than you can put them in the same cage.

Where to put parakeets when cleaning the cage?

I either open the cage door and let my bird fly around the room while I clean the cage.

Can you put two Syrian hamsters in same cage?

Syrian hamsters are very territorial, so they will fight each other to the death if they are put in the same cage. Unless you want to breed them, I recommend that you only put in the female hamster in the same cage if she is in 'heat'.

Is it a good idea to put parakeets cage outdoors?

No, unless you live in an area where parakeets are indigenous, then they will probably die since they are not in their environment.

Do you have to have the same gender of guinea pigs for them to be in the same cage?

If you want to put multiple guinea pigs in the same cage they should all be female. Males will fight.

Do stores put 1 female and male in the same cage?

Not in commercial cages, but maybe a cage in back for breeding purposes.

What should you put in a parakeets cage?

water,birdseed,chewable toy,bar , swing

Can you put a female black bear hamster and a female hairless rat in the same cage together?

NO. You can not put two different animals in the same cage! This is dangerous. They may fight and the hamster will probably not live. So unless you want a dead hamster, do not put them together.

Can you put a female guinea pig with a female hamster Or a male guinea pig with a female hamster?

you shoudl not put a hamster and a guinea pig in the same cage no matter what.

How do you put a nestbox in a parakeets cage?

I don't have anything special in my cage all I have are toys water food and a mineral/salt block.