Can you put two rear-facing car seats in a 2007 Ford Mustang Coupe?

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You can do anything. It probably wont be cheap though. Bring the car to a couple of different shops to see what they would charge. Usually the way the car comes off the line is the way it is best designed. They will have to see if turning the seats around and rebolting them, will interfer with any other parts of the car.
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How do you remove the bottom of the back seat in a 1996 Ford Mustang?

Answer . \nI actually just read about how to do this actually which was werid....but it was for a 99-04 but im sure its the same.....I have removed some of my back seat before.... along the bottom part of the seat that runs across your back is two latches that can be unlocked with the use of a fl ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the headlight switch on a 1967 Ford Mustang coupe?

Answer . From the Ford shop manual (first printing and copywright, 1967):\n. \nRemoval and Installation\n. \nHeadlight switch — Mustang and Cougar\n. \n1.Disconnect the battery ground cable from the battery.\n2.Remove two screws and lower the parking brake and air control.\n3.To remove the c ( Full Answer )

How do you remove headrest 2007 Ford Mustang?

Not sure if it's different from the 2008, but on mine there's a button on one side, and on the opposite side there's a small hole. Take a wire coat hanger or small Allen wrench and push it into the hole while pressing the button. Pop the headrest off and flip it around, or toss the headrests in the ( Full Answer )

How dependable are the 2007 Ford Mustangs?

Not very good cuz mustangs suck. they ant good quality cars at all. Ford is a good company but mustang is the worst car out there by far. Everbody wants to act like they have something special when the have a mustang but really all they have is what everyother person on the road has since almost eve ( Full Answer )

What rear facing infant car seats work best in a ford mustang?

I have the Graco Safeseat. It has been wonderful. Our daughter is 16 months old now and still comfortably fits in her rear facing seat. I am currently searching for a forward facing. You can't be a very tall person and sit in front of the carseat. Not with any type. But it can be just hav ( Full Answer )

Why is the Ford Mustang called the pony car?

It is credited with starting the compact muscle car segment(even thou the barracuda actually came out first). A mustang is a wild american horse and a pony is a small type of horse.

How do you put rear brakes back together on a 1987 Ford Mustang?

Sounds to me like you have a lot of questions. I think you would be better off taking it to a mechanic or attending a trade school so you can learn to work on cars. Brakes are nothiong to be fooling with, however a good shop manual should help you through your dilema. Go to wherever you bought your ( Full Answer )

How do you remove headrests on rear seats of 2007 Ford Explorer XLT?

Under the plastic rings that are around the metal posts there is a slider that holds the headrest in place. There are two ways to remove the headrest. The first method, which I think may be the "official" way to do it is to use a pin or a straightened paperclip and stick it in the small hole on the ( Full Answer )

Remove rear seat from 2005 mustang?

Working at the front of each seat cushion push the retaining tabs in then lift up on the front edge of the cushion and release the seat cushion retaining tabs. Remove the cushion from cushion from the vehicle . Detach the retaining bolts at the lower edge of the seat back . Lift up on the lower ed ( Full Answer )

What type of gas is needed for a 2009 ford mustang coupe?

the V6 and the GT need regular gas, however the Shelby Gt500 and Gt500 KR require premium fuel (because it is supercharged).. As with any car if you put premium fuel into a car that doesn't need it you may get a bit better performance/gas mileage.

How many mpg does a 2007 Ford Mustang get?

The 2007 Ford Mustang V6 gets. CITY:17mpg HIGHWAY:25mpg COMBINED:20mpg. The 2007 Ford Mustang GT V8 gets. CITY:15mpg HIGHWAY:23mpg COMBINED:18mpg

I just put fuel injector cleaner all of the sudden my car won't start 95 ford mustang?

It is your fuel injectors. My car had a lot if miles. About120.567 miles this man at auto zone told me to use that. But never asked how many miles I had in my car. Needless to say. My mechanic had to change my fuel tank dropped my gas tank which was shooting rust into my fuel injectors. They had to ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse box for a 2007 Ford Mustang?

The 2007 Ford Mustang owners manual shows :. Passenger compartment fuse panel. " The fuse panel is located in the lower passenger side area behind the kick panel .. Remove the trim panel cover and the fuse cover to access the fuses "

How can you put an infant Car seat in a 1999 ford ranger back seat?

for safety reasons, I just would not do that. Infant car seats are designed to face backwards so if involved in an accident, the baby's neck would be supported. The seats in the back of rangers face sideways and if involved in an accident the babys neck would have no support. I don't know if it is e ( Full Answer )

Can you put a car seat in the front seat of a car?

All car seats should be installed in the back seat. State laws vary some, but most require all children under the age of 11 to ride in a rear seat of a car. No child in a car seat should be placed in a seat with an active airbag. It jeopardizes the child's life. Children are safest in a car seat, in ( Full Answer )

Is Coupe car a two seater car?

Coupe means only two doors. A coupe could have 4 or 5 seats. Coupe, when speaking of '70-'74 Dodge Challengers, also means that the rear quarter windows do not roll down. In hardtop models, they roll down.

Why are two seat cars dangerous?

cause there is no surrounding on the inside, nomatter where the car is hit it will dent the direction it is hit from, this means from the drivver's side the door and car will be into the only 2 seats. if there were or was a back seat it would have more leaniage when it gets hit. AKA you are more lik ( Full Answer )

Can you put a car seat in front seat of car in UK?

Putting a car seat in the front seat of your car is a terrible idea, regardless of the country. The height of the airbags can break a childs neck if just in a booster, and can jar a rear facing car seat, in the event of an accident. The front passenger seat is statistically the most dangerous seat i ( Full Answer )

How expensive are Ford Mustang cars?

The prices of New Ford Mustangs ranges from 22,605 for a basic Mustang V-6 to 54,605 for a Shelby GT500 Convertible. Other considerations would be dealer incentives, financing and other options.

Do Ford Mustang cars come in red?

Ford Mustangs come in a variety of colors. The local ford dealership should be able to order you a red mustang with little trouble. There was a red mustang at the local dealership on sunday.

How much is car insurance for a 2014 coupe v6 mustang?

There are far too many factors in rating auto insurance to answer a question like this on this type of format. Your best bet is to call some agents in your area and get some quotes. Any answers you get on this site will be a wild guess based on what someone else pays that will really have nothing to ( Full Answer )

Can you put a car seat in a van?

If you are talking about a child's car seat the answer is yes. Just make sure the car seat is installed in the rear of the van. Children should never ride in the front seat.

What kind of car is Ford Coupe?

The Ford Coupe is an antique car that was manufactured as part of the 'Model B' line in the 1930s. The term 'coupe' most often refers to a car with only two doors instead of the usual four.

What size motor is in the Ford Mustang 1970 coup?

The 1970 model came with many different available engines. . Available Engines:. 200 1V I6 120 h.p.. 250 1V I6 155 h.p.. 302 2V V8 220 h.p.. 302 4V V8 (Boss) 290 h.p.. 351 2V V8 250 h.p. (351W & 351C). 351 4V V8 300 h.p.. 428 4V V8 335 h.p. (Cobra Jet). 428 4V V8 335 h.p. (CJ-R). 429 4V V8 ( Full Answer )