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Yes, but you must state who drives the car and be sure it covers him/her as well.

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Q: Can you put your married child's car on your car insurance?
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Insurance on a Collector Car?

Yes, you can put classic car insurance on the car. Hagerty is the best classic car insurance company to choose.

Can you be put under your moms car insurance with only a permit?

Yes, you can be put on car insurance as soon as you start driving.

Can son be put on your insurance if he owns the car?

Yes, Not only can he be put on the policy with his car but your Insurance Contract probably requires it. Concealment of a known operator or the owner from the Insurance company is a well known form of Insurance Fraud.

Where can a teen get car insurance?

It is very difficult and expensive for a teenager to get car insurance. The easiest way to get it is to be put on your parents' insurance and pay them the added insurance cost out of your wages.

Can you get car insurance on a car you donx26?

I believe that you are asking if you can insure a vehicle that you don't own. The answer to this question is no. The only exceptions are for married couples who can put vehicles owned by either one of them on the policy.

Why do you have to put your 22 year old son on your car insurance when he doesn't drive your car and has his own car and insurance?

You don't. WHo said you needed to?

I need my step-daughter insurance on my car as she do not own her own car now?

you can put her on your insurance as a named driver

How long do you have to put a new car on insurance?

Just as long as you own the car.

Is it possible to get a car loan to get a car but put the car as immobile so you won't have to pay full insurance on the car?

NO, all insurance companies require you to carry insurance on a vehicle with a lien. What if it catches on fire or is stolen.

If your car does not run do you have to have insurance?

you can register it as non-op (non-operational) and put it in your driveway and cancel the insurance but it has to be in your driveway and cant move until you put insurance back on it

Can a friend put another friend your car insurance?

It would be a very foolish move to put a friend on your car insurance because if they have an accident you will have to pay any expenses. This also includes letting a friend use your car.

Will jaywalking ticket increase car insurance?

A jaywalking ticket will not increase your car insurance. It will not put points on your license in most areas or states.

If your car is titled in someone else's name can you still buy insurance?

Yes, but the person who is the registered owner of the car will have to be included on the policy, unless they have their own coverage.AnswerYes. I was able to put insurance on my car after I got it before the title was in my name. Even with the VIN, my insurance company was able to put the car on my policy.

Do you have to put insurance on the car upon transferring a title?

Depends on the state. Generally if a state has compulsory auto insurance, and the car is registered/has plates/is legal to drive, you must have auto insurance for it.

Can you put another person on your health insurance if you are not married to them?

No, you have to have proof of marriage or adoption.

Can you put a car in a 15 year old name?

A car can only be put in the name of the insured. And you can't get insurance until you have a drivers licence.

Do you have to have Insurance to get a permint?

You don't need Insurance to get a permit, or even your license. You will need insurance if you own your over car and wish to put it on the road.'

Is California gap car insurance a good buy?

Gap insurance would be a good choice if you put less than 20% down on a new car. If something were to happen to your car shortly after the purchase, gap insurance will pay what you owe, not what the car is worth.

If someone hit your car but you have no insurance can you still put a claim in on their insurance?

That all depends on the details and the rules in your state.

Car insurance can coverage medical payment on motorcycle accident?

If you put medical insurance on the policy when the policy was purchased.

Can your fiancee put your car on his insurance?

I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different comapnies: INSURANCE-QUOTES-FREE.INFO

do i have to have my 18 year old son on my ins. if he has his own car?

No, you don't have to put your son on your insurance, but he will have to get insurance of his own.

Can you put your son on your car insurance for his own car and he lives at a different address?

Yes but be aware your insurance company sets their own rules for this kind of thing.

Is boat insurance required in Canada?

No. most insurance companies actually will put your boat on your house insurance believe it or not. Some companies still put it on the car but they are just trying to get more money out of you.

Where can I find information on car insurance for American classic cars?

You can type in classic car insurance and put the kind of car you got. And it will show up the quotes for your vehicle. Depending on the age of the vehicle.