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Yes!! We can rub penis on breasts !! Even we can spill our semen over it !!

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โˆ™ 2013-01-02 05:55:10
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Q: Can you put your penis on breasts?
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How do you sex breasts?

Put some water based lube between your breasts and place your partner's penis between your breasts, hold them together making some pressure on his penis and start to move them up and down.

How can you put your penis between a girl's breasts?

If she has her top off, you could drag your penis down her cleavage. You could press her breasts together as you work your penis through the cleavage. And if that arouses you to ejaculation, you could release your ejaculate wherever she likes - perhaps on the breasts or her face if she is into that.

How do you give a titjob?

Put the man's penis between your breasts, then move them up and down.

How do you put your penis through a girls breasts?

You put your d.ick between them. You squeeze her breasts too hard. Move them up and down your d.ick like you are m.asturbating.

Should you put a penis between your breasts?

Yes. But only if you lick him cuming all over you

How To Havr Sex?

Man: Tell her you love her. Massage her, then massage her breasts. Take off her clothing. Feel her breasts and her body. Get on top of her and get an erection. Put your penis in her vagina. (The middle hole) Move your body in and out. Take your penis out. Sit on her stomach/ribs and put you erected penis in her mouth. During this time you may feel her breasts or vagina. There are many positions but the bed is the most fun.

How can you tell the difference between a male and a female?

A female has larger breasts and no penis. A male has a penis and smaller breasts.

What is mammary intercourse?

When the penis is between the breasts and the breasts is used as a vagina.

What is Guatemala's import?

breasts and penis

What is Guatemalas Major Imports?

breasts and penis

Does bisexual humans have both penis and breasts?

No they do not.

How are girls and boys so different?

Well, Girls have Breasts, and they have a vagina! And, Boys have no breasts, and they have a penis!

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