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Yes you can. You will need to speak to a pool professional and will probably need to buy custome made liners for the "new" pool.

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Q: Can you raise the bottom of an in-ground pool from 9 feet deep to 6 feet deep?
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Can an inground pool be 17 feet deep?

An unground pool can be 17 feet deep if you really want it to be. You must follow certain safety rules with a pool of this depth though.

How many gallons of water are in an area 20 feet wide by 40 feet long and 2 feet deep?

12,000 us gal. Inground pool?

How many gallons in an inground pool that is 40 ft long and 20 feet wide 8 feet at deep end?

To determine the volume it is necessary to know the depth at the shallow end and also whether the slope of the bottom is smooth all the way.

What is the average depth of an inground pool measure 8 feet deep x 3.5 feet deep?

if it has a constant slope from one end to the other, (8 + 3.5) / 2 = 5.75 feet but most pools are not shaped like this.

What if your inground pool is empty and you have 3 feet of water and mud in the deep end of the pool. How do i clean it out frustrated.?

Usa a shop vac.

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How deep is the Titanic lying in the ocean?

The wreckage lies on the bottom at a depth of 12,450 feet (3,795m).

How many gallons of water in an inground pool 3ft in the shallow and 10 feet deep in the deep end?

The question cannot be answered with the information given. It is necessary to know the length and width of the pool as as as whether or not the depth increases steadily.

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