Can you rate my Garchomp lvl 50 attacks are rock tombdragonclawflamethrower and aerial ace?

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2010-02-03 07:20:24

The other guys answer is half-right...

Flamethrower is no good because is a Special Attack, and you

only have 1 STAB move. Heres a set that'll greatly improve your


-Dragon Claw or Outrage (DC for accuracy, Outrage for power,

Shouldnt use Dragon Rush, its only like 70% accurate... it always

seems to miss when you NEED a hit)

-Earthquake (100% Accuracy, 150 power with STAB)

-Swords Dance (ups your attack 2 stages)

-Stone Edge or Fire Fang (Choose from preference, some players

like me prefer a strong rock move, others prefer a fire move to

take care of some of garchomp "annoyers", The only 2 things that

can't be countered are Garchomp and Chuck Norris, Luckily I'm the


252 attack and 252 speed EV's

This Garchomp Rapes.

I'm sure you can find a blue print of this EXACT moveset on

smogon, it WRECKS.

On a side note, a Rampardos with max EV'd defenses has the same

attack power as a max EV attack garchomp, and the same defenses.

It's only slower. With Rock polish in the set, Rampardos is deadly.

If you want something you can use in OU or UU you can use my "SLOW

GARCHOMP" Rampardos instead.



-Rock Polish

-Stone Edge

-Outrage or Fire Punch

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