Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Can you re-catch Dialga in Pokemon Diamond?

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2011-09-12 15:55:46

Hmm... re-catch, like a second time, or you let him go the first

time? No. Not without cheating.

There are some cheat codes that allow you to fight (and

hopefully catch) any Pokemon though, so if you cheat, it is


I don't think its good to cheat!!

I think he means 2 time but i made him faint in one hit ca i

still catch

Well, first, you shouldn't have used master ball but, that's MY

opinion. I caught Dialga with a timer ball. AND I caught azelf and

uxie with ultra balls i think. And the goal isn't really to CATCH

dialga, just to encounter him. TIP: Save before you encounter a

super rare Pokemon.

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